Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Poll - INeffectiveness

A post at Adliterate urged planners to speak out if they felt the work wasn't right.

Because "account handlers get fired if the work doesn’t happen, creatives get fired if the work is no good and planners get fired (or should get fired) if the work doesn’t work."

I applaud his encouragement of 'speaking out'.

But should the planners really be the whipping-people for when a campaign doesn't perform?

Or is it those award-chasing clients? Or the creatives, with their endless insistence on 'budgets' and 'brand guidelines'?

Who do YOU think is most commonly responsible for ineffective advertising?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Clients are getting it in the neck and there is no surprise there.

Clients tend to get the advertising that they deserve. And in the final instance they buy the half arsed recommendations of their agency and then water it down further still until there s no hope of it achieving the objectives it has been set.

That said my point remains that in the heat of battle the planner's unique position allows them to stand up for effectiveness.

By the way Scamp went to the cinema last night and saw loads of BBH ads - mainly about people standing around in the rain or waiting for it to rain or where rain has been replaced by some other thing falling form the Sky. What is it with BBH and rain? Perhaps its just your famous nose for the zeitgeist - it raining alot at the moment and all.

Joker said...

It's real simple, make a really tried and true experiment. You won't like it but it'll further cement why clients are #1 in this poll. When asked for an advertising campaign, prepare the one you think will work. You know the type, the genre of campaign you want to baptize and name after your best shag in the world. Then do a shit campaign done in twenty minutes chock full of the lamest most overused shite this side of the sewer and see how long the client considers the risqué campaign for or how quick they decide on the fecal ads. Results rarely vary and when they do, we actually feel like we're earning our keep via utilizing our supposed talents rather than taking the client's order of what should be done.

Anonymous said...

the trick is to only offer your client works that will work. then everything works. all the time. it's great!

Anonymous said...

How does one "know", what will work?

Also what you think will "work" the client may think "won't work", then he bins the agency, people lose their jobs, children starve, houses are reposessed, dogs are eaten, and everyone binge drinks themselves into an early grave. No wait, that last one's happening anyway.

Anyway, it's the eternal problem. You can write the most award winning, most effective ad, research it and find that it "works" and the client can dismiss it in a heartbeat.

Also you can write the most award winning, most effective ad, research it and find that it "works" only to find after you make it that you don't win awards, it isn't effective and it doesn't "work."

Advertising is subjective and unquantifiable.