Friday, July 13, 2007

Who Knew That Hitler Was A Sheffield United Fan?

Every other year, we suffer a summer without football.

Maybe it's that keenly-felt lack which makes this YouTube mash-up so amusing.

Once again via the excellent Nitmesh.

p.s. I'm Jewish so please don't tell me I can't enjoy jokes involving Hitler. I can.


New York Punk said...

This is also Guardian You Tube pick. Effing hilarious!

Elliott Quince said...

Ha ha ha I love it – dead clever love the 'Warnock can go fuck himself line'. My fave football clip on youtube is still this one, purely for simplicity and slapstick:
Best penalty ever

Anonymous said...

You might have already seen it, but if not, here's another Downfall re-subtitling, this time about Microsoft banning loads of people from using their online gaming Xbox Live service because they modified their Xbox 360s to play pirated games. Speaking as both an Xbox Live user and a football fan, I think I just prefer the Sheff Utd one, though I think both are great.