Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did The Vauxhall Corsa Puppets Hire A Prostitute?

TV's Worst Adverts seems to think so.

In a post entitled C'Mon Out Of Bed he explains his interpretation of the latest Vauxhall commercial.

One of the C’Mons (the red one) has hired a prostitute for the *band* to enjoy. While he’s showering himself down after the event, the prostitute decides that the 20 quid she got for doing the dirty with a band of puppets wasn’t enough, so she steals their Corsa as a tip. This goes down particularly badly with the Red puppet who has to wake the rest of the band enjoying a post-orgy nap (in the same bed) to chase after her.

Do you agree with his view? Or is there some other explanation that fits the advert?


Anonymous said...

Er, 'duh'

RachelC said...

That's a pretty good explanation - except for the shock and awe on her face when the guys drops the towel. If she had been doing the deed with the red guy, there would have been no surprise.

So, she was obviously in bed with the rest of them and not the red guy as that is the one she has not seen.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest, the shock on the face troubled me, Rachel. I put that down to her disbelief that a puppet could run faster than a car (even if the car is a Corsa).

However, if you're correct and he wasn't involved in the orgy, why do you think that was?

Lunar BBDO said...

She definitely 'did' Mr Red. If you take a look at the angle of her view, she wouldn't be able to see the towel drop. Her expression is due to seeing Red, remembering all the disgusting stuff he asked her to do and telling him it would cost £650 (the value of the crappy car she took).

The puppets then all go so high on crystal that they forgot the arrangement.


Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

No one has yet mentioned the name of the band and the possible things that implies...

It does appear that the lady is either a groupie who was disappointed with their new single, or indeed a hired hand *cough*.

Anonymous said...

Well, at the very beginning of the Ad, the *cough* lady was zipping her boot up. Now why would she be doing that unless, er, she had it off?

StyleSniper said...

Some form of sexual activity may well have been the pre cursor to the events shown in the ad, but I would take a stab at guessing they woke up to 'seconds', or 'thirds' depending on the general stamina of a puppet band member, and what we see is a slightly disgruntled post coital groupie, waiting on that promise of a lift to the train station, who grows increasingly miffed at the fact the band are taking much longer than she to get up and get ready. Taking into account that she has managed to do her hair, make a herself a coffee and get her 'f@*k me' boots on in the time that it seems to be taking a bunch of cotton socks to pick the friction induced bobbles off their colourful bods, I would say she was right to help herself to the Corsa, how else would she have made the 12:10 to Hookersville?

Otherwise i havn't a freakin clue whats going on here. everyone know's, you gotta be a whole lot more than a puppet to wake up with a 'lady' like that in your flat