Monday, July 30, 2007


Neat trailer for a forthcoming monster film.

Two things struck me as particularly interesting, though.

One is the extent to which the studio is pre-marketing the thing on the internet, by setting up several fake blogs, including Slusho, Eathan haas was right and Ethan haas was wrong.

And secondly... the famous monument destroyed, frantic descent of a smoke-filled stairway... is America re-imagining the 9-11 experience as a monster movie?


Joker said...

Regardless of the motives behind the marketing, they at least have my attention. Lets just hope it doesn't blow harder than the Wolf

Anonymous said...

Post Hiroshima/Nagasaki Japan got Godzilla.
Post 9-11 America gets whatever this is.
Agree with Joker. Let's just hope it's good.

Anonymous said...

It could be a middle sized sock puppet.

It doesn't take much to scare the yanks these days. Remember this?

Lunar BBDO said...

It still needs the obligatory shot of dozens of New Yorkers crashing their cars into each other then getting out of the cars and looking in wonder at the sky.

RachelC said...

The Ethan Haas stuff are not involved, according to a statement from JJ Abrams.

Try this for a full picture of how this is playing out.