Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why Is Everywhere Shit?

Last night I was still pondering over something said at our lunch yesterday - why is it that every agency is shit right now?

One possible answer is the lack of start-ups with a commitment to creativity.

The last wave in the UK included shops like Leagas Delaney (that's Tim Delaney in the pic), Rainey Kelly, Howell Henry, Simons Palmer and - more recently - Mother. All great agencies.

The new wave consists of places like CHI, VCCP and DLKW. Very successful business-wise... but their ads smell like three-year old gorgonzola wrapped in a sock.

Plus, no creative start-ups means less pressure on the big agencies to be creative.

Any other theories?


Anonymous said...

Because no-one's teaching creatives to be aggressively creative and no-one's teaching suits to be aggressively suitish. I don't know if that makes sense but there's a creeping blandness about the business that is dulling the creative edge.

The industry needs a bit of standing-on-the-window-ledge aggression from all parties - and that comes from having a few larger-than-life characters who know exactly what sells to start standing up for the business otherwise we can all bugger off and be stockbrokers; except I couldn't, I'm hopeless with figures.

Scamp said...

Very, very interesting point, writer.

In fact I would like to make it the subject of my next post if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it's three things:

- boring clients

- boring blands

- boring agencies

All working together to produce the next level of 'safe’ under the guise of 'honest advertising' where the youth generations Y, R, and whatever else don’t like to be lied to, just come out and give us the message, let us decide. Oh, but we’re also 'edgy.’

And that leads to total safe shit like CEO Scott Blum standing on a roof for like a Westworld robot. Can you tell the difference between the two because I sure can’t.

You’re only as great/edgy whatever, as the client lets you be. Not to mention, if your shop has a bunch of bread and butter financial/insurance clients to boot, no way the higher ups want to fuck with that model (read: $$$).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I bet W+K or Crispin have shitty days too. But they’re still W+K and Cripsin.


copyranter said...

we all suck?