Monday, May 15, 2006

But That's Just Silly

Another team here - friends of mine - have written a script for a TV ad. It's an entertaining idea that's very much on brief, and would show off the product nicely. But, how can I put this, it's also silly. Of course, when the account team and the client check the idea against their brief and their target market etc, this problem won't show up.

Shouldn't the final test of every idea be to describe it to a 7 year old boy... to see if he says "but that's just silly"?


copyranter said...

for me, It's really hard to stay away from silly. because the whole process is just so fucking silly.

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if the kid went all Ricky Gervais on the spot and said "Fucking bollocks!"

(Sorry. Had to use ‘bollocks’ in a sentence by midnite or lose a bet.)

Scamp said...

I guess I'm trying to distinguish between stupid (e.g. FedEx 'caveman', Fox Sports ads) which is good... and silly (e.g. ads with cars driving underwater, anything any spokesmodel ever says) which is not good