Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pet Hate

You're thinking about a brief when an account man walks in your office and sarcastically says: "Hard at work, I see."

As he's never had an idea in his life he doesn't understand that to think creatively you've quite simply got to put your feet up on the desk (or look out of the window).

No doubt when he comes in and sees me on the phone (talking to friends) or typing (my blog)... that's when he thinks I'm working.


americancopywriter said...


On the animal theme, tell your "account man" this parable:

Two men are watching a herd of dairy cows graze. One says, "Man, those animals are lazy. They are just standing there eating. They are not doing anything." The other says, "You f'ing idiot..those cows are turning grass into milk."

Just because you can't see the work doesn't mean it's not happening.


P.S. Would you change your settings so that those of us who don't utilize blogger can easily leave a comment?

Scamp said...

thanks for pointing out the comment setting thing, AC. i've changed it

I like the parable. quite relevant. as a creative i do feel like i'm being "milked" a lot of the time...