Thursday, May 25, 2006

Does Shouting Work?

Great comment from 'writer' on my last post. To save you reading down, this is what he says:

"No-one's teaching creatives to be aggressively creative and no-one's teaching suits to be aggressively suitish... there's a creeping blandness about the business that is dulling the creative edge... The industry needs a bit of standing-on-the-window-ledge aggression from all parties."

Personally, I always believe you're more likely to get your way if you respect people, listen to them, work with them.

But maybe I'm wrong.

So my question today is a simple one - does shouting work?


Maulleigh said...

I am increasingly shocked and dismayed at how much assholes get by in this world. I'm idealistic like you and believe in niceness, courtesey, bad spelling and am constantly amazed at how complete a*sholes do JUST FINE in life. F*ckers.

Neil Boorman said...

On 26.08.06, I am going to gather every branded possession of mine into a warehouse, douse them with petrol and burn the lot. Jacobson chairs, Christian Dior shirts, a Louis Vuitton bag; I'm too frightened to calculate the financial cost of this action, but I know
it's a lot. Far more unsettling than the money is the emotional cost I'm going to suffer. You see, It's not simply a pile of expensive clothes and accessories going on the bonfire, Neil Boorman is being destroyed too.

Until recently, I thought I knew who Neil Boorman was. I felt sure how the outside world regarded me because I had spent a fair amount of time engineering an image. I found the best way to understand and articulate 'me' was through the owning and displaying of things made by brands. They provided a source of comfort, a reassurance of my own self worth, they project my identity to others around me.

Frustratingly, this attempt at branded self-identity has been accompanied with a numbed sense of dissatisfaction. Attempting to cure myself, I have sought comfort and reassurance by buying yet more branded goods, treating myself 'because I'm worth it'. I now understand that this behavior only made matters worse. For all the time and money I have devoted to collecting these brands, these symbols of self, I have absolutely no idea who I am. For every new material extension of my character, I become more distant from the person than I really am.

The reality however is only just becoming clear; with every new emblem of identity I add to my collection, I lose a piece of myself to the brands. They cannot reciprocate the love I give. They cannot transport me to the places I'm promised exist. I am not, nor will I ever be remotely similar to the people that appear in their ads. It is a lie, a lie I have believed in for too long.

Scamp said...

Good luck with that, neil.

Oh, when you burn your stuff, make sure you use Shell petrol. It's the best one.

Anonymous said...

Old days? Shouting worked. Along with the three martini lunch.

These days, if you even take a lunch, it’s light beer. As for shouting, you’d need consensus first on what was being shouted.

Then, is the shout on-message for the brand?

Maybe worry that a junior might sue for personal (insert trauma du jour here) or run from the room freaked out, before meeting Kai the AD over at Starbucks bitching about you "What's his deal? He's always up in my grill."

Oh I’ve seen it a hundred times before.