Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yes! I Still Have A Job

Interesting report here on a surprise decline in video-on-demand ratings in the U.S. (found via the excellent AdRants).

Apparently only 0.21% of American TV viewing is now time-shifted (which inevitably means seen with the commercials fast-forwarded), down from 0.24%

So VOD won't kill off TV commercials... and I can continue to feed my family. Hurrah!

It's only bad news for "ad guru" Steve Henry of United. All he ever says nowadays is "video-on-demand will change everything" in a "the-end-is-nigh" kind of tone. He will have to think of something else to say now. (Mind you, his conclusion - that we need to make ads people will actually want to watch - is still valid. But then it always was. The 'TiVo of the mind' - people deciding "this is boring, I will stop paying attention now" is nothing new.)

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