Thursday, May 04, 2006

Globalisation Is So Annoying

Look, all I want to do is write ads and win awards. To do this, my partner and I need to beat all the other teams working on the brief, then the ad needs to be approved by the creative director, the account team, 104 levels of client and 64 research groups, not get fucked up by directors, photographers, editors, actors etc, before finally blowing the balls off the D&AD jury. I don't need all these foreigners entering D&AD making it harder still. The 2006 Nominations just came out. Apparently 61 countries entered. Stop it. Especially if you're American. (The Asian ads I don't mind, they're normally scams or shit.)


Rajesh Rajoo said...

the asian ads you don't mind... because they are usually scams or shit. i really, really thought you were a level head. but from now on i'll not read your blog.

of course u can tell me to go fuck my self, which you probably would. but just remember u don't fuck with somebody's origins and then get away with it easy.

Scamp said...

Come on, man! Singapore is scam central!!!

copyranter said...

I will be entering 0 things in this year's D&AD. so there.