Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday Poll: What's Your Ad Of The Year?

I'd like to thank my agent, my manager... oh, and Mr Cabral of course...

In my view, there hasn't been a clearer Ad Of The Year since Guinness 'Surfer'. It's the ad that real people are actually talking about. It's the ad that (apparently) is selling lots of chocolate. It's the most breakthrough piece of brilliance of the year.


But maybe you disagree.

Maybe you think Gorilla is over-hyped irrelevance.

Perhaps you think Skoda 'Cake' is better. Or Poke's work for Orange. Or something else - add your own nomination in the comments.

And vote now, in the top right hand corner of the screen.

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Anonymous said...

the poll is quite polarizing, isn't it? personally i am fascinated by the new thorntons ad – i know it doesnt have the WTF effect, but hey, i think its superb. my vote to the monkey.

Cleaver said...

Yeah, the gorilla is good.

But it pales in comparison to the awesome piece i just did for a financial institution using a royalty-free stockshot and putting the offer in the headline.

Eat my zany Santa hat, Cabral.

william said...

Surely the ad of the year is one where a group of people cooperate to perform a single chain reaction. It's been made at least four times this year:

Stella - pass it on
Guiness - 10 million quid down the tube (or whatever it was called)
Sony - music. Like no other.
Orange - the one with the rainbow

Weird that everyone should be making this ad, like a weird meta-version of the ad itself.

Anonymous said...

Gorilla was fun. no doubt. but not as daring as this madness. this is the best tv ad i've seen in years. and it was a huge hit.

it's from the US, if that's OK.

a little lad who, apparently, likes berries and cream.

Anonymous said...

Again, a state side ad. Is it awesome? Indeed it is.

Anonymous said...


you're right. faceless masses of people doing something not very interesting and brand-centric has become the blight of english tv ads. which is weird coz you brits make the best tv shows.

uk advertising in general has no edge lately. but the UK ad community seems blissfully unaware of this. a gorilla drumming for chocolate for :90 is funny. but it's not edgy. baking a cake in the shape of a car is charming. but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Gorilla is a one trick pony. VW night driving is nothing without Richard Burton and the slang online for 'random' has now morphed into 'berries and cream'. But what about Mac's Convenience stores outrageous even unbelievable WTF juice virals?
The calm yet intriquing genius of the gym horse robot juice penetration?

The lesbians and minotaur treetrunk?

The gibbering hose leg man?

But without doubt Scorsese's 'The key to Reserva' will stand out as one of this years lasting ads just because it broke all the rules and proves there's going to be a rich life beyond the repressed 30 second sickness. It's an amusing, gripping narrative example of original advertising engagement which will stand the test of time.

Unknown said...

That Skittles ad is superb. Almost as good as this one, which is the best ad I've seen this year:

In the UK though, call me a loser, but I loved the Marmite Paddington Bear ad.

Lunar BBDO said...

If any of Scamp's readers have not seen the Gorilla in its natural habitat (an ad break) then you've only seen the half of it.

When it comes on, you HAVE to watch it and when the drums kick in, it's fantastic every time.

And those other American ads are brilliant, but they're ads. The Gorilla rewrites the rules as he drums (no mean feat).

Anonymous said...


yes, Michael Mann proved beyond a doubt that the drumbreak from "in the air" works on TV (miami vice, 198?). it's long been a part of the culture.

and primates doing things they're not supposed to is also a proven quantity on TV (pg chimps et al).

gorilla is not very adventurous, executionally. it just combines these two old, but bankable, chestnuts. for chocolate.

that the creative was able to also shoot it tells you how tricky it wasn't. it's a benny hill sketch.

Anonymous said...

it's definately the new nike ad from crispin innit?

Lunar BBDO said...

@ anon 5.23

Yes, and Grrr used the well-trodden executional cliches of penguins, jingles and cartoons.

It's the way you tell 'em.

Anonymous said...

no lunar,

grrr was daring. it took skill and judgement to bring that one home.

gorilla is really just a cheap gag masquerading as a profound idea. and that's not a subjective opinion, that's an executional reality.

Lunar BBDO said...

I think we're talking about different things. I wouldn't claim that the craft (executional skill) of gorilla is amazing. Nor is the 'idea' profound (90" of entertainment).

I'd only assert that it entertains the shit out of the vast majority of people who watch it.

And that's not subjective opinion either.

(Not sure why the assertion that it's 'a cheap gag masquerading as a profound idea' is executional reality. What is executional reality?)

Anonymous said...

it's a guy in a gorilla suit pretending to bang on drums! gags don't come any cheaper than that.

yes it's funny. but it's still a cheap gag. dressing up as a gorilla is bargain basement. people love it. but people also love seeing guys get kicked in the balls.

what i'm saying is there's nothing new here either conceptually or executionally. so how can it be ad of the year?

LimitedTimeOffer said...

@Anonymous 2:35

Can it be ad of the year based on engagement and effectiveness? You seem to be basing your judgment solely on originality, which is hardly the singular basis for success in this business.

Anonymous said...


far from it. i'm not arguing with the popular success of "gorilla". that would be foolish. in the context of the stilted mega-budget, mega-budgen tv ads that surround it, of course it's a breath of fresh air. and that's why it works. it's not trying too hard. as most UK tv ads are lately.

i'm not asking for originality. i'd just hoped for something a little more adventurous is all. something that sounded scary on paper. this didn't. i can't imagine a more boring shoot.

Anonymous said...

I like Sony HD with the carwash. Another Juan Cabral ad (and Matt Keon and Marty Senn). This one didn't feel like it was following any 'award formulas,' except for being a Sony ad. And it actually showed the product, imagine that!

(That said, I still like the gorilla.)

Anonymous said...

prev. anon is right. that was the worst ad on paper. and it's freaky in execution.

Anonymous said...

Berries and cream is the best ad. And if you don't agree with me, I will fight you.

Anonymous said...

Funny how no one even mentions the ad which six months ago everybody thought would be a clear contender for ad of the year: Bunnies.

Sorry, Cabral fanclub.
I guess not everything he touches turns into gold.

Anonymous said...

Also, not a single comment for Skoda Cake, which for me is far better than Gorilla. Really surprised by that.

James Cooper said...

Can I be so bold as to make a simple observation?

good UK ads: No dialogue / acting

good US ads: Great dialogue / acting

I think we have lost the art of how to write. We are an industry of art directors.

Anonymous said...

Agree. The Americans can write and think visually - we just think visually. A bit like Ricky Hatton. We're good, but we lack class.

Cleaver said...

Possibly. But maybe the lack of dialogue/acting isn't necessarily a bad thing.

To take up Lunar's earlier point, most TVCs have lots of dialogue and acting. The absence of those things (the sheer space that the idea is given), is part of what helps an ad like Gorilla stand out.

william said...

DDB's recent stuff for VW "See film differently" is funny, distinctive and all based on smart scripts and subtle staging. It will win awards too, just watch.

Scamp's questions ("Ad of the year") does seem to invite answers along epic lines though.

Obviously once we're all doing visual ads, scripts will be the new thing.

More power to the copywriters I say. But then I would, wouldn't I?

Anonymous said...

Anon Dijo. How can you say Gorilla is a one trick pony when you haven´t seen the follow up yet? Fool

Anonymous said...

is it you juan?

Anonymous said...

maybe it's a Juan-trick pony!

SFX: Getting coat. Leaving.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Ad of the Year nominations have just been TV ads.

No digital. No ambient. No brand experice.

Is this just a reflection of Scamps readership or simply the fact that TV is still THE medium to capture people's imagination?

Anonymous said...

Personally I find the Walkman project more watchable and engaging that Gorilla which has, let´s not forget been done before, and is pretty similar to Magic FM too. Pablo

James Cooper said...

To Gordon,

I agree on the DDB Independent cinema scripts. Some of them are good, very good. But they are not what you would call a 'big' campaign.

You and I and the rest of adland will see them cos we go to artsy fartsy cinemas and watch reels. And also, the brief does very much lend itself to something like that.

I guess what I was saying is that there no longer seem to be any great characters or lines that permeate the public's conciousness.

william said...

Yes, and I would add that we are more or less the kind of people who'd consider buying Volkswagens.

In that sense it's a really modern, targeted campaign that uses taste in films to get what the planners might call "cut-through".

We won't see another "Tell Sid" - those days are long, long gone (sniff).

So yes, I agree with you.

George Parker said...

No question that along with many others, I agree the "Ad of the Year" is the TV spot for VW from DDB... "How does the guy who drives the snowplough, get to the snowplough?" Brilliant... Oh, wait a minute, that was in 1966! Mmm.. Does that mean things have got better or worse? I have no fucking idea. Cocktail time.

George Parker said...

Oh dear... That should be "Snowplow" Fuck it. Time for that second cocktail. Well, it's Saturday.