Monday, December 17, 2007

Click Here To See The Arse Of Someone Who Works At Glue

Following on from AKQA's gerbil-powered festive extravaganza, here's Glue's Christmas message - a live stream of their staffers 'cycling to Lapland'.

I've got to say, it's really rather clever and fun.

The digital agencies' seasonal efforts are starting to make the traditional agencies' tactic - very thin bit of dead tree, sent via Royal Mail - look extremely dull and old-fashioned.


Anonymous said...

This is genius!

Anonymous said...

This seems really fresh as far as agency Christmas Cards go!

Simple and fun!

RachelC said...

Surely there's some Health and Safety law against this? To protect us!

Great idea, raising money as well. But looking at the distance left not sure they are going to make it.

Anonymous said...

Really, really smart and obviously took a lot of effort (and not just the cycling).