Monday, December 31, 2007

The Ad Blog Charts for December

Here are the world's most popular ad blogs, as measured by traffic rankings from Alexa.

Top 25 Ad Blogs (world
1     (1)AdRants33,776
2     (2)Advertising/Design Goodness  49,905
3     (3)Duncan's TV Ad Land61,567
4     (4)Adverblog71,637
5     (5)AdFreak74,120
6     (new)Bannerblog74,262
7     (6)Adverbox86,507
8     (7)Adland106,347
9     (8)Copyranter121,805
10   (9)Logic + Emotion128,458
11   (10)Coloribus131,006
12   (11)AdPulp183,970
13   (14)Jaffe Juice248,899
14   (12)Ad Punch264,388
15   (13)Experience Curve272,267
16   (15)Twenty Four315,166
17   (16)Agency Spy330,323
18   (19)Adliterate394,779
19   (18)Behind The Buzz411,574
20   (17)AdScam433,325
21   (21)How Advertising Spoiled Me466,004
22   (re-)Crackunit480,942
23   (20)BrandFlakes for Breakfast495,824
24   (re-)Scamp501,606
25   (22)Welcome To Optimism    512,141

New in at 5 is Bannerblog, an Australian site that looks like it could be fairly useful to all you Digital types.

An ↑ means a blog's traffic has gone up by 15% or more in the past month, and a ↓ means it's gone down 15%.

Top 10 UK Ad Blogs (world
1   (1)Adliterate394,779
2   (3)Crackunit480,942
3   (4)Scamp501,606
4   (2)Welcome To Optimism    512,141
5   (5)Faris558,004
6   (7)Only Dead Fish1.1m
7   (8)Fish N Chimps1.1m
8   (9)TV's Worst Adverts1.5m
9 (10)Life Moves Pretty Fast1.7m
10   (6)Northern Planner1.7m

UK means UK-based. Ad blog means ad blogs not marketing blogs, so that excludes Gapingvoid. Although Paul Colman is now a planner at W&K he doesn't class Life In The Middle as an ad blog and Russell Davies no longer blogs about advertising. I'm only counting English language blogs.

If I've missed anyone out, please tell me and I'll put them in next time.


Anonymous said...

what is with adliterate? im bored after looking at it for more than 2 seconds.

your blogs great scamp. read by a lots of folks around our agency

happy new york

faris said...

i'm going to crack the top 25 one day...

Anonymous said... is the most popular adblog in Chile.

Scamp said...

Looks good. But with what may perhaps be considered outrageous xenophobia, i only include English language blogs.