Friday, December 07, 2007

Congrats to Richard H

Campaign reports that Richard Huntington, writer of Adliterate, Britain's No.1 ad blog, has been appointed Head of Strategy at Saatchis.

As I've written before, Richard's a great guy. So, great news.

To mark the occasion I have created a small gift for him.

Here it is.


Anonymous said...

i think he is smart enough not to make use of this precious gift, but he's sure gonna enjoy having it :)

Alan Wolk said...

Ha! That's great.
Even better if you tell me you did the Photoshop job yourself.

Anonymous said...

I don't thin so.
Scamp is a powerful man at BBH now.
I bet he had Mark Reddy working on it.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

It is good news.
Well done Richard, and frankly, well done S+S.

Scamp said...

Did it myself, dogs. I can't draw. At all. I've had to learn Photoshop so I can present concepts when Scowling A.D. is away.

Alan Wolk said...

dawgs, not dogs

if you're still wearing ironic t-shirts, you need to get the lingo correct ;)

Scamp said...

whoops. thank you, frawg

Anonymous said...

He will have to ask me for the keys. Paul;-)

Anonymous said...

Done very well for a chap who started in d.m.

Not that he mentions it much these days.