Saturday, January 03, 2009

Poll: Job Insecurity

Disturbingly, 4 in 10 Scamp readers are worried about losing their jobs in the forthcoming 'year of pain'.

And 13% of respondents already lost their jobs LAST year.

On the other hand, nearly half of you aren't worried in the slightest.

So here's a picture that can be interpreted as either bleak or smug, depending on your outlook.

From the ever-amazing PostSecret

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the already laid off and you owe me two frozen curry.

and job hunting right now sucks. it's tough to even get interviews.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think it'll be as bad as everyone thinks.

Guess we'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

It's had the worst possible start. Who'd have thought Iggy Pop would be reduced to taking the Swiftcover shilling. It's a fucking travesty.