Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Midgets Are Funny. Fact.

This ad for the Shoreditch Short Film Festival made me smile.

Along with puppets, and talking animals, midgets are always funny.

This is my order:

1 Talking animals
2 Puppets*
3 Midgets

*Puppets No.1 if swearing. Like this.

What's your top 3 of "things that are always funny?"


Anonymous said...

It's my firm belief that there is no brief in the world that can't be answered by a talking animal idea.

Any existing campaign can also invariably be improved by replacing the humans with animals.

Take the PC World campaign - replace the annoying, smug shop assistants with talking badgers, use exactly the same dialogue, and it'll work.

Sophie said...

I could not stop laughing at the Rainbow clip - that has made my day!

Anonymous said...

* Gypsies

Anonymous said...

1. People falling over in public.
2. Kids dropping their sweets and crying.
3. Jade goody in the news of the world yesterday.

Actually, swap 1 with 3.

Anonymous said...

the ad you have shown for the shoreditch thing has been done before in america for a short film festival. they recreated the harry met sally orgasm scene with dwarfs (not midgets). it was very very good.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

1. Dogs in glasses
2. Dogs in glasses
3. Dogs in glasses

Anonymous said...

got to agree with 3:21. Jade Goody in the news of the world had me in tears, but not the tears she was after!

Anonymous said...

1. Telling a dog that he's a dog
2. John Terry missing that penalty
3. An inappropriately placed drawing of a cock and two balls

Anonymous said...

1. people who leave the tag on the sleeve of their cashmere coats thinking that it's branding
2. DAN. DAN. DAN......DAN...DAN
3. anyone triping on a paving stone

Anonymous said...

correction. dwarves are funny. midgets are creepy.

1. dwarves doing anything.
2. a good kick in the genitals (male genitals only)
3. a dwarf being kicked in the genitals/administering a kick to the(male) genitals.

Anonymous said...

Kick boxing midgets?


Anonymous said...

who's got bigger cocks, dwarfs or midgets?

Anonymous said...

1. man city fans who think kaka will prevent them from relegation
2. spurs fans who think harry has in fact houdini'd the club out of relegation
3. anyone falling over.

Anonymous said...

'Every time a Manchester United supporter fills up their car with petrol, they put a little more into Manchester City's transfer budget'.
Noel Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

1. Ducks.
2 & 3. Two more ducks.

Anonymous said...

These chaps are perfect for a mini festival. Not one around Christmas though.


LimitedTimeOffer said...

1. Monkeys
2. Monkeys
3. Monkeys

My Oven Is Haunted said...

These always make us laugh:




But there are soooo many more.

Ben Kay said...

Midgets actually top my list of creepy things:

1. Midgets
2. Clowns
3. The audience at snooker tournaments.

Anonymous said...

fat people breaking chairs when they sit on them.

CD's who use glove puppets to do crits, having their hands cut off in a farming accident.

Anonymous said...

1. Talking animals apart from Teletext ads
2. Drunk midgets
3. Lowe

Anonymous said...

The midget films aren't very funny though. Also the line at the end could have been much better. Disappointed with it after the build up in truth.

Though I agree with the sentiments about midgets and animals being a home run for ads in general.

john p woods said...

Not completely unrelated but "They're filming midgets". I'll make this quick. See In Bruges. If you haven't already. The pitch-black comedy/gangster flick. Nobody does it better.

john p woods said...

This is topical:

Advertising said...

1. Vern Troyer slamming into the Big Brother Diary Room Door was hilarious.

2. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=P0TZxFQaXkc


john p woods said...

Kids in superhero suits (with their coats on)
People in sidecars
Crap dancing

john p woods said...

Have you seen Avenue Q, Scamp?

Anonymous said...

Talking animals

People falling over

Gayness misunderstandings

Anonymous said...

What about that T Mobile ad then? Not a midget in site but it's still pretty damn feelgood in this shit economic climate. i bet Scamp would big it up if DDB had done it

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:09

That's not toast Michael. That's hot floppy bread.

Anonymous said...

Models falling over in slow motion.

Anonymous said...

1. kids falling over
2. dogs with short legs
3. impressions of piss flaps

Scamp said...

John W. - "the internet is for porn."

7.51 - I haven't seen the T-Mobile ad. Is it good?

I have to agree with previous posters arguing for the humour in monkeys. If I ever become rich, I'm def getting a monkey butler.

And dogs in glasses, also, absolutely right. Why all dogs don't wear glasses, I don't know. It would brighten the place up.

Anonymous said...


the tmobile ad

Anonymous said...

Monkeys are always funny.


john p woods said...

Scamp - 'the internet is for porn'. Point taken.

Anonymous said...

People tripping over pavements is pure comedy gold. And that's usually me, so it's ok to laugh at others.

My all time favourite has to be people (that I don't know) in neck braces. Nothing funnier than seeing someone move like a robot as they go about daily life.

Anonymous said...

Midgets farting
Midgets farting on midgets

Anonymous said...

So proving my theory about creatives and vertically challenged people - I have seen so many midget/dwarf concepts over the years...most of which never see the light of day!!

Anonymous said...

I think midgets/dwarves are called 'little people' in the US these days. Perhaps they should be called 'people of smallness', like 'people of color'

George said...

Neck braces. Yes. Funny as fuck.

I once had a nasty crick in my neck - it was extremely painful. The doc suggested wearing a neck brace. I quickly went back on virtually everything I had told him, claiming that I was much better now. I was out of there before he had a chance to reply.

Nothing scares me more than the prospect of wearing a neck brace. NOTHING.

Anonymous said...


Muggy manure fans fighting eachother, and being shit at it.

Anonymous said...

1. retards.
2. hair of the dog
3. accents

Anonymous said...

Dogs that give book crits.

Anonymous said...

1. Fat people running down hills.

2. Any animal on ice.

3. Intellegent vandalism.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure why you all think it's ok to laugh at midgets or dwarfs.

Is that not the same as finding people in wheelchairs funny or blind people?

And did you see the recent Paralympic games? Hilarious.

Suppose you're all emotionally damaged by having a bad book crit.

But I agree fat people running down hills, excellent, specially when they crash into a bunch of midgets.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending the ASA a fax

They are not midgets they are short people!

SchizoFishNChimps said...

1. especially talking monkeys

Anonymous said...

Walking into glass.
ALWAYS funny.

Anonymous said...

1) People falling/tripping in public while walking by themselves
2) Talking animals
3) Spontaneous dancing


crsplace said...

1. Telling a dog that he's a dog
2. John Terry missing that penalty
3. An inappropriately placed drawing of a cock and two balls
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raahi said...

what i need to say!lol