Friday, January 16, 2009

The Chip Shop Awards

Regular readers will know my feelings about Cannes.

So I was delighted to be asked to judge the only awards scheme that admits all its entries are scam.

Entry into The Chip Shop Awards is only for work that has not been broadcast, printed or mailed. You do not even have to have the client. You just have to have a great idea. Rejected and rude work is fine too.

This was the ad that inspired the contest.

And here are some of last year's winners.

Please enter, and give me some decent shit to judge.


Gareth said...

We suffer from this shit all the time getting into the main awards.
I find it strange that if you can't win awards with the clients you have. Give up & go home. Saying that Andy Cheatham made his career out of Barnacles chip shop. It was his Mum & Dad's. Easy client sell.

Anonymous said...

I guess its a good way of controlling scam - having an awards show for scam.

But will you get a big fat raise for winning like you might if you win at Cannes.

Thought not.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not going to pay £85 of my own dosh into something that will have absolutely no effect on my career. I'd rather put it to a real award that might. Load of bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you don't have anything to enter into the real awards this year, it's worth it? Could become higher profile this year with scamp involved.

Anonymous said...

Down with Awards. They are just a way for creatives to wank over their own work. Bah. Humbug!

(Only joking. I just REAAAAALLY want one ;-p)

Anonymous said...

Just £85 to enter.

£85? Are they out of their minds? Are the people who enter out of their minds?

Kudos to the guy who started this, if he can get 3 people to enter he's got a good time down the pub.

Ben Kay said...

£85? That's only a tenner less than Graphic Design at D&AD. Communication Arts, which carries a modicum of prestige, costs $30 to enter. Bestadsontv and Luerzers are free.

Surely this should also cost nothing, after all, the benefits of winning do not appear to be legion.

Anonymous said...

I know it's been commented on before, but 85 quid to enter! Per entry! Who the hell is paying that?
The student discount is even more hilarious, I would love to know how many entries this award show gets.
Scamp, can you maybe give us a hint? Have the awards people told you how long the need you for to judge the work? Half hour?

Anonymous said...

sorry scamp, i do not know how you feel about Cannes? please enlighten us?

Scamp said...

8.01 - I will ask them how many entries they get.

8.19 - the post should have a link to a previous post I wrote about scam at Cannes. The blue words in the first sentence

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tangent but this Microsoft ad blows Ogilvy Athens way out of the water

Anonymous said...

Scamp, for this Chip Shop show to get any recognition, it would have to be endorsed by Donald Gunn.
Which of course he wouldn't.

Having said that, so many of the work in the Gunn Report ain't even real.

I know because the first time many of us see those award-winning work is when the results are released.

One or two clients use Awards as research in the Far East. If the work wins big, then it runs.

Comments, sir? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is that Alf Garnett in the Gorilla suit?

Scamp said...

I love the idea of using awards as research. Surely much better for us creatives than using research groups as research.

Anonymous said...

This chip shop award sounds like a wonderful scam.

£85 quid entry to win an award that means absolutely fuck all to anyone.

Mmmm great idea

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Now now Gareth, what about creatives trying to get slave placements? Or new agencies looking for their first clients?

Or those ideas that you know no one will buy but that are great.

The point is that these ads should be here instead of at the other awards shows.

Advertising said...

People always say to young creatives "have fun with your book, because this is the only chance you'll get at doing whatever you want."

Maybe that's what Chip Shop is for?

john p woods said...

Scamp - I love the idea of using awards as research. Surely much better for us creatives than using research groups as research.

Anonymous said...

chip shop awards allow regional creatives to feel complete - for a nano-second.

It also gives shitty regional advertisers the opportunity to feel like they work on something mildly creative - again for a nano second.

Imagine how you'd feel entering and not getting anything - surely affirmation that you really are cack.

Gareth said...

A pile of pish! Another ego tax money making exercise from another money hungry publication. If it was set up to improve the Creatives entering. Maybe. It doesn't. I think the people who run it bought a yacht last year. Good to see the money going back in hey.

Anonymous said...

I realise this could be because my book was shit, but I'm having far more fun with my work now that it's real and running.

The book was a pain in the ass - with no creative director pushing me to make every single execution as brilliant as it could possibly be.

I can also afford to eat now, which helps the mental faculties no end.

Evo L said...

Think ur missing the whole point. From what I can gather CSA are all about giving creatives the chance to showcase what they can do - remember not everyone has the opportunity to work with top client brands.

Equally it's fair to say that clients can restrict your creative juices - being afraid to be too daring. Maybe some of us have never had the chance to execute a piece of work that we would have loved to do - so now it's our chance.

Way I see it is the CSA is giving us the platform to shine - it might seem a worthless award to some of you but I suppose it depends on how clever you are about making the most of the accolade.

If you think it's too dear then don't enter. Simple. Instead keep your inspiring work that's never ran hidden in your top drawer!

john p woods said...

The chip shop entry fee seems a little steep but what other options are there for creatives to get their work unpublished seen and maybe potentially run and consequently raise their profile. no matter how incremental that is in some people eyes?

Advertising said...

Off topic, but of some interest:

Presumably he got a taxi home.

Anonymous said...

It's a decent enough idea for an awards, and getting people like scamp etc on board can only be good.

Can't help but think more people would enter if the entry fees were chip shop prices.
best press ad = fish and chips twice, teacake and a mushy peas. £8.57

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Re: Guy and Sarah's link

I give it 3 days before every single bus driver in the country refuses to drive the atheist buses. Top work avoidance.

Anonymous said...

mm said - chip shop awards allow regional creatives to feel complete - for a nano-second.

Not even regional creatives enter this, we enter all of our chip shop into the Roses Awards.

Evo L said...

Why enter Chip Shop stuff into the Roses? Surely uv done some decent work for a client that falls into the rules? Brass neck if you get caught!

Anonymous said...

Instead of entering [those] awards, why not get off your arse & show your inspired ideas to the Creative Directors you want a job from. Cost you a train ticket. I'm a creative Director. I'll have a look at your work. Maybe even give you a job.

john p woods said...

Gareth, that is an idle threat if you don't post up your contact details.

Gareth said...

Newhaven Communications

You'll find my email there.

Anonymous said...

It should be free. Or £10 per entry which goes to charity.

Anonymous said...

If you must enter awards don't enter these.

It's just a money grubbing exercise. A mate of mine saw their budget by mistake one year and turned white at the money they're making.

And all on the back of hopeful young teams or jaded older teams in a backwater agency.


And don;t encourage them.

Of course the publication will champion it. It's one of their main earners.

Does any of the money go back? No. Do they even sponsor a team through college? No. Do they really care about creative work? No.

If they did they wouldn't run crap like this.

Clever young people will always come up with clever ideas. But real good work is a whole agency endeavour.

Anyone can think up an ad. It takes a decent collection of people to write the brief, liberate the budget, convince the client and get the work out looking as good as it can be in its Sunday Best.

That's what deserves the award (if you must enter them). More importantly, that's what deserves the business.

Advertising isn't about cleverness. It's about selling and convincing and making a commercial (or perceptual) difference for our clients.

If you just want to be clever, go be an artist. Advertsing is a commercial endeavour. That's why they're called Commercials. We have to be cleverer than just clever.

We're here to make clients money (or even just keep them in business, in these uncertain times).

One of my teams entered a couple of years ago. They won an award and everyone laughed and they felt good.

For a bit.

But there was no client. No commercial purpose. No budget. No one ever saw it. So what was the point?

None. So I've now banned everyone from entering the Chip Shop Awards.

I want the whole agency to feel great about great work that did something great for our clients.And win awards for that, if it's appropriate.

Chip Shop is just public masturbation.