Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is This Really The Best Press Ad Of Last Year?

Went to the ANNAs last night (national newspaper advertising awards).

I really like the do they put on. Superlux food drink & service, but in a nicely informal atmosphere.

The overall winner, however, was greeted with a resounding shuffling of the audience's feet.

Lovely campaign, and not a bad ad within that campaign... and yet... it took me a while to get, and that's a worry, since I'm a person who looks unusually closely at adverts.

I try to avoid bigging up work from my own agency, but heck it's not me doing it this time, it's the ANNAs. This is an ad from a really nice campaign by Brad Woolf and Dan Bailey, which won the 'Best Media Partnership' category. I think that means 'campaign that feels perfectly suited to the medium'. If so, that's very true.

Deserving winner in the 'Best Copywriting' category, from my main man Mr P McClelland.

So what do you think - did the best ad win?


Anonymous said...

can u explain the beer one please

Anonymous said...

in a word.


but then that's the way the anna's are set up.
you don't enter, the things are entered on your behalf. (depending on what influence you have ;) )
so more often than not it becomes an award for the best of a bad bunch.

this ad isn't the best ad of the year, but it's not a dog, and i certainly don't begrudge those boys getting 25 grand.

well done.

Anonymous said...

no the best ad clearly did not win....I don't see the 'Cervix Savvy' ad anywhere in here.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry I still don't get the beer one. It looks like the head of a pint, and also a beach...Surely it's more than a crappy visual pun...what am I missing??

Anonymous said...

Does that ad do any more than talk about carbon footprints?

I'm hoping there's a meaning I've been too dense to see.

Anonymous said...

Scamp, what about your 'main man' Grant Parkers' appearance on Location Location Location last night?

is there a posher creative?

how about doing another chart of areas where creatives live?

Anonymous said...

It's a joke about erasing your carbon footprint. A visual pun. Judges likes visual puns.

And the copywriting award is a bit of a laugh. Nice headline, but very formulaic copy - you can read better every day in your local paper.

Anonymous said...

That's the best copywritten ad? Really? Out of every written piece of communication published in 365 days?

It hasn't even got a question mark in the second to last sentence. Rhetorical statements need punctuation too y'know.

Anonymous said...

Footprints. Carbon footprints fading away, washed away by the gentle lapping of azure waters.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the best person to judge ads, but in terms of being deserving, Dan and Brad are the nicest, most hard working, disciplined, humble, co-operative, unassuming, decent and funny team i've ever worked with.

Despite their obvious physical disabilities.

i think you were robbed, chaps.

Mr Cervix Guy said...

its a neat visual which brings 'carbon footprint' and 'made by the seaside' effortlessly together.

but its still gash.

Anonymous said...

Best copy...?

Are you sure?
If you ignore the client and the fact that everyone's desperate to see something commendable come out of a once great agency that's now more than halfway down the u-bend. And then you read the words. Surely you will see that they are no more than 'okay'. They are on less than a par with the 25x4 Harrods ads that Leagas were churning out 12 years ago.
Inspiring? No.
Beautifully crafted? No.
Wonderfully insightful? No.

Shame really. I used to like copy.

dogeggs said...

Adnams - brewed in Southwold (Suffolk coast)
not much else to it - minimal impact on environment type arse thing.

Anonymous said...

Art direction wise, it looks great.

It not shit, but it's not a great ad either.

It's okay.

Shouldn't have won.

I think i've seen better but can't remember, so maybe that's a sign that it wasn't a great year.

Anonymous said...

I really like the BA ads. They are a brilliant use of the medium. And a great example of how advertising does have the power to attack and change perceptions.

Anonymous said...

got the beer one immediately.

carbon neutral = no footprint. and 'beer from the coast' hence a beach.

not complicated folks.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Harvey Nicks Wallace and Gromit? That's the best print ad of the year surely?

Anonymous said...

well done anon 1.42
have a banana

Anonymous said...

Strange brief. Tell whoever that adnams beer is carbon neutral? Dear oh dear. And a gift of 25K in current climate. Mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

that's true, the harvey nicholls wallace n gromit was really nice, in fact, i'd say it was great

Ian said...

You're right, the beer ad's not that great.
But to be honest, the other two weren't much better either.
The BA one - not THAT new.
Some courier company had a similar thought years ago.
Think was by Saatchis.
Something about 'at this time last night, we couldn't have done this ad'.
It's in that red D&AD Annual from the 80s.
The last ad shown - am I being picky?
Didn't think the copy's that great.
Then again, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

1.42 That explanation tells us you're one of the creators.
Good explanation by the way, better than the ad.

Anonymous said...

Surely the headline on the John Lewis one leads you to think the ad is about their price promise, rather than the breadth of items they sell? Or, in other words, shouldn't the (admittedly nicely-written) copy be about the headline idea?

Anonymous said...

I think The ANNAS should be judged on the medium, not oooh let's stick our ad in the newspaper. B&D's BA should have won overall for the great use of media with a fresh ad daily.

Adnams is boring and from an "older"campaign, but hey, the creatives won't give a damn whilst lighting their cigars with £50 notes.

With 25K B&D could have got hair transplants and everything. Silly judges.

Anonymous said...

I know from experience that Adnams is not carbon neutral. I generate litres of methane after a few pints of their bitter.

Anonymous said...

can anyone remember the name of that nba ad where they comped two skinny white guys into a game that played amongst pros?

for espn or nba?

eduardo's ankle said...

was there last night. standard of work was poor overall. wish i went to the creative circle book launch instead.

john w. said...

So my motivation for buying Adnams beer is that it's carbon neutral?

Anonymous said...

dave dye must be well pissed off?

Anonymous said...

Was at creative circle launch last night. You couldn't move by 7.30. And I didn't get a pie. Couldn't hear Mr Denton's speech either. Annual is lovely, though.

Anonymous said...

can anyone remember the name of that nba ad where they comped two skinny white guys into a game that played amongst pros?

for espn or nba?

neither. it was for fox sports.

agency: cliff freeman

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.42 shares my thoughts.

As to why it won? C'mon! Are you telling me the only awards ceremony that isn't political is in the advertising business?

John W: get in line.

Scamp said...

Surprised Lurpak didn't win anything. Love that campaign.

Is there any better copywriting out there than:

"Spuds. Know your onions."

"Best when the oven doesn't go ping."


"Mix and mash"?

Anonymous said...

That winner looks like a great, big see-say ad.


Anonymous said...

Lurpak should have won but I think they're only in posters not papers.

I suppose they couldn't award it to The Guardian's brand campaign brilliantly done by W+K too.

Also Nike's Paula by Guy Featherstone.

Man, W+K print is massively underrated.

And what about that Cadbury campaign, all copy no logo? That was a fucking great one by Mr Elwood.

What about that marmite campaign? No, wait, that one was meh but the other ones I mentioned are great.

Anonymous said...

2.18 No, didn't do it - it's just not that hard to work out.

Thanks for the banana.

Sell! Sell! said...

Yes, Lurpak is really good. Unashamedly celebrates the product, great craft. Classically good advertising. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Re 6.31.

Sorry Tom, my mistake.

Anonymous said...

wow. could that adnams ad lack energy and vitality and interest any more? i don't think so. it literally makes me want to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I sit near a fat bird i hate.

This will be my only post until she either dies, gets moved, or is taken hostage by strong Mexican Feeders.

I hate her.

Anonymous said...

to be brutally honest they are all very average.

john w. said...

Nice depiction of Adnams ecological credentials but I'm not sure in these uncertain times whether flagging that up is sufficient a reason to buy.

Anonymous said...

who tom?

john w. said...

…or it just a case that Advertising is theatre and it doesn't matter if the ad gets the consumer to buy, just interested to buy? Is it just a question of Adnams making a statement that they are here and we should pay attention to them?

john w. said...

Don't get me wrong I don't want my whole rap to be a real downer. I think Adnams is a cool ad. You gotta give em' a reason for optimism or you're cooked. Ecology is a sound strategy but is it a crowded market?

Anonymous said...

The Adnams work is surely just an execution in someone else's campaign, the art direction was already done for them. Bet they won't share the dosh out.

Hoover said...

Here's why the copywriting for John Lewis isn't very good:

1) 'should' followed by 'shouldn't' in the headline. Someone drops a tray of crockery in the middle of the Moonlight Sonata.

2) "we pride ourselves". You're lost in a strange city. Someone approaches as if they're going to help, and barks in your face "hello, I'm really interesting and a nice guy".

3) No question mark at end of penultimate sentence.

4) Use of empty words "spectrum" and "umpteen". Facts, please. Facts, facts, facts. 32 makes of television is worth any number of umpteens.

Plus umpteen other niggles it would take ages to describe.

Gareth said...

Am I missing something on that beer ad? Nice illustration.

Intergral said...

Warning: an aside. (If you really need to be warned about an aside.)

Dave Trott, Mike McKenna of JWT, John Jessup of Leo Burnett and Creative Review ed Patrick Burgoyne will be joining Mr Scamp on the judging panel of them there Chip Shop awards.

Personally I thought the standard of winners was wank last year, so perhaps some better entries will be attracted be such an illustrious panel of illustriousness.

Anonymous said...

best ad was that harvey nicks campaign about the recession.

john w. said...

Reduced carbon footprint, energy saving etc etc is
de rigeur. It's a legitimate strategy to give people hope for a better world... hope for a better tomorrow. Adnams are climbing on the ecological bandwagon.
But, as Scamp infers, is it the best press ad of last year? I think Tom Ewart and Dave Sullivan have encapsulated Adnams environmental standing well. The style carries on the original campaign. More power to their elbows.

Anonymous said...

Hoover - Also 'careful selection'. So that means the selection is careful. Shouldn't that be 'carefully selected'

Anonymous said...

The Adnam's ad is nice. Is carbon neutral a reason to buy the beer?

I think made with 100% British barley's a much better reason. I heard a guy querying the provenance of the ingredients down the Dog and Duck last night. He also needed to know if the the potatoes in his crisp packet were from Norfolk or Linconshire. Think on lad.

Anonymous said...

BAs idea to update the ads every day was a good one, but haven't BAs ads gone a bit downhill over the last couple of years?

Their big outdoor campaign just seems to be trying to sell irresponsible spontaneity. "jump on the tram and see where it goes", "Ask the barman to surprise you".

That way lies rape, my friend.

Sure the team are freakin' awesome dudes though, so obvs they should get all the awards.

john w. said...

There is a whole host of ecology warriors out there who drink beer. As a piece of communication the Adnams job works well.
There is also a whole host of people out there who would love to drink british too…but that's another job.

Anonymous said...

Where's all the supposedly "more creative agencies in town"?

Yeah, I'm talking about you Mother, W+K and Fallon behind the sofa.

Can't you dummies do print? Or Wot?
Where are the trumpets?

Anonymous said...

The beach in the town where Adnams is located
has very uncomfortable pebbles not golden sand.

john w. said...

…but Fallon did bring on the trumpets.

Jimjimmer said...

Er... I don't rate the ANNA's what so ever. I was in it a couple of years ago for a truely horrific John Lewis sale press ad. I felt guilty just being there knowing that my ad didn't stand a chance, but took comfort in that half the room also knew how terrible their ads were.

The BA ads - what a missed digital opportunity. Nice strategy, but why a print campaign - Live webcams!! Real footage beats retouched photography when trying to convince people the terminal 5 is working, surely.

Anonymous said...

yes it is. But the fact that a lot of you don't get it is more worrying than the recession.

Anonymous said...

4:09 Dave dye may well be pissed off, but as he was on the judging panel he can't really go saying that an extention of his original idea is not up to standard

john w. said...

Not wanting to cast aspersions but is it not true that there is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it?

Anonymous said...

BA ad - anyone else thinks it looks v similar to the AA campaign a few years back, only AA was much better typographically!!

Anonymous said...

Re: the many typos in the long copy

"And a huge spectrum of different plate designs."

I know it's advertising, but this is a bit too far from proper grammar for my liking. Particularly for a brand with a sophisticated voice.