Friday, October 27, 2006

Would We All Rather Be Making Movies?


Most ad directors go on to make movies if they can - Ridley Scott and Alan Parker being the pick of them.

Paul Weiland's record up to now is not so hot - City Slickers II and Roseanna's Grave.

But this week he has a chance to redeem himself, with the release of Sixty Six.

Apparently autobiographical, Sixty Six tells the story of how no one comes to a young boy's Bar Mitzvah, because it clashes with the 1966 World Cup Final.

Brand Republic maliciously claims that Weiland was stood up yet again, at the premiere, when the film's star Helena Bonham Carter failed to attend.

Though another news source points out that this was due to her 2 year old son breaking his arm.

Hopefully I'm being unfair to Brand Republic and they go on to mention this further down the article, in the part that's accessible only to subscribers.

Despite their cruelty to Weiland, Brand Republic is actually not a bad site. They are currently featuring the very interesting brain shop ad from Mother.


copyranter said...

I'd rather go the Warhol (ex hack ad art director) route: create hack art, scam entire world, host bitchin' parties, collect scads of money whilst alive.

Scamp said...

sounds good. harder for copywriters, though. have you considered knocking out a Da Vinci Code ripoff? a lot of hack writers seem to be going that route at the mo...