Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Sony Bravia Ad

So is it any good?


William said...

I think they're spot on with their target market:

Those on soulless council estates who have nothing better to do but while away their afternoons staring at state of the art TVs with surround sound.

I'm sure all the colours are mindblowing when you've smoked a bit.

Flippant snobbery aside, I think it makes a lovely looking short film but with a predictable soundtrack. I especially like the rainbow colours exploding out of the high rise.

Although rather than having a clown running inanely across the screen, I would have liked to have seen a blue rinsed old lady running for her life.

Scamp said...

Yup, the soundtrack is predictable and the clown sucks. Overall, a bit underwhelming.

Stanley Johnson said...

Watched it with 9 year old son on the web. He loved it.

Saw it later that night on TV. 30sec version. Eye catching, but it seemed to be missing something.

Overall I think it lacks the emotional resonance of the Balls ad. Why. I think it's the music.

Then again...

Anonymous said...

Northern Planner said...

They wereon hiding to nothing as soon as they realised they had to follow Balls

William said...

Have you heard the latest?

Marketing Weekly has written an article stating that the new Sony Bravia ad has received complaints from TV viewers for being too reminiscent of the 2001 attacks on the WTC.

A spokesperson for the ASA has deemed the advert inappropriate "in today's climate of terror".

I think some people have too much terror in their climate.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Has anyone checked the Letterman archives yet? Could be a rip-off again.