Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Press Advertising Today

The new D&AD annual arrived this morning. So I was a bit depressed. Nothing of mine in there. Everyone is better than me. Should try another screenplay. Our industry's finished anyway.

But at lunchtime, I was reading The Independent, and I noticed... quite a few good ads.

This was probably the best one. Great use of irony to make the case.

Then there was this one.

Nice little insight. Strong argument for going wireless. It's an excellent campaign, this, for AOL.

Then this.

I really like the 'Valuable thinking time' thought. A great benefit of taking the train. And this is a witty execution. Hard-working too. It's offering fine food, space to think, and an intelligent funny tone - all in one ad.

Beautiful illustration on this new Orange ad. Seems Mother aren't going to be shifted off the account in a hurry.

Another nice insight. This time for Norwich Union insurance. We all have a cautious side, don't we? It made me read the copy, anyway.

A funny visual. Raised a chuckle. Caught my attention. Not bad for an ad from the government that's literally telling me to sit up straight.

George Bush has just been shot. You can't not look at this image. And one-eighth of a second later, you have taken in the message that there's a programme about this delicious fantasy on the telly tonight.

Of course, there were a few bad ads too. Like these.

OK, it's retail.

V. patronising

Oh well, pays the bills I suppose.

See me beat my chest!

This can't be good, can it?

Huh? It no make no sense.

But all in all, I was pretty encouraged by the day's crop. Who says newspapers are dead?

There was even one further item to cheer me up - a Q&A with one of the legends of our own industry.

He would have enjoyed one or two of the offerings placed around him today I'm sure, being in his day a noted exponent of the print advertising medium. Shit at TV, mind.

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