Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Makes A Good Suit?

Interesting article in Campaign about suits.

Here are some of the qualities that various industry figures say are required of a good account handler:

Patience, diplomacy, negotiation skils, ability to get bills paid on time, breadth of experience, eclectic, ability to do strategy and channel planning, helping stimulate good creative work, make things happen, drive change, clever, fun, to be around, sociable, likeable, rigorous, relentless, fearless, immune to pressure, unfazed by complexity, clear vision, truth-telling, respect confidences, sense of humour, keep things in perspective, don't try to take credit, no whinging, create, lead, manage, make it happen, be on top of everything, be ruthless, respect authority, know when you can flout convention, recognise the primacy of the idea, have a view on advertising, know everything possible about the client's brand.

Phew. Is it any wonder we slag them off, when we expect them to have all these qualities? Nobody has all these qualities.

Let's make today "cut a suit some slack" day.


Northern Planner said...

Well said. Interesting number of comments on this post. Poor suits, no one cares.

Anonymous said...

Call me a heretic, but a good suit makes my task as a wordsmith all the easier.

Luckily, I work with a damn fine one who has (at varying times and levels) all the qualities described.

An AE who can actually write a good brief, communicates with the creative department and is prepared to fight for the 'right' solution is always my citeria of what makes a good one.