Friday, October 13, 2006

Here They Are

Yesterday I asked "where are the creatives who blog?"

Well, you already know about Copyranter and American Copywriter.

Here are four 'new' ones.

1. onewomanrunning has started fake it until you make it. Today, she ponders the etiquette of eating lunch at your desk in an open plan office, wondering "are crisps allowed?" She worries about "being extra noisy". onewomanrunning is an aspirant creative, so we wish her the best of luck in breaking into our wonderful feet-up-on-the-desk world.

2. Lazbash, another aspirant, is a self-confessed art director, and newcomer to the UK. He provides this wonderfully odd clip, on his blog whatamidoing?

3. Joao and James, yet another start-up team, have created AdBook, which even (cleverly) links to their very promising portfolio.

4. Finally, do have a look at diablogue, whose co-writer is a regular and valued commenter here called Sean. Sean is digital creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. His blog is stuffed full of gems. Here is just one - an advert for a design book.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intro :)I'm going to have to keep this thing going now!

Have a great weekend

Stan Lee said...

According to a recent piece in The Independent only 20% of people in advertising are over 40.

I am one of them.

That makes me feel a bit sad, but not as sad as I feel asking you to give my blog Brand DNA a plug.

By the way did I mention I'm a creative?

lazbash said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lazbash said...

Cheers for the profile.
I am very new to London and it is a bigger and scary world here. With large towering houses! And cars going left and right.
Some of the people I have left behind may think I've moved to the UK, but I'd not call myself a Cornish nationalist. More a Westcountry lad!
Anyway. Hopefully my blog will get better and better.

p.s. just wanted to say great blog.

Scamp said...

Scamp employs an army of fact-checkers. However, it seems like on this most recent post, they muffed it.

Stan - sorry to have missed you out. Brand DNA is well worth a visit, everyone.

Lazbash - sorry I thought you were new to the UK! Just new to London, I guess. Enjoy the smoke.

arunchakkravarthy said...


the video is a sequence from an indian(Tamil)movie. the actor lying on the bed his name is "RAJINIKANTH" and he is the 2nd highest paid actor in India. His screen name is "SUPERSTAR".

However its nice adding that video on ur blog where that actor has a great fan following in India.

Feel pride popularising Indian movie.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...