Friday, January 05, 2007

More Creative Blogs!

The ever-valuable Beeker has discovered four newish blogs by aspirant creatives.

First up is Creative in London by Kristin & Waldemar. Here they are, licking envelopes. I do hope it's for their Christmas cards, and not for any direct mail or anything...

Then there's What If... by David & Phoebe. Their sparky blog includes this wonderful idea.

Number 3 is Ads Are Boring by Jeff Pseudo. He suggests we refuse to accept receipts from Tesco, rather than just chucking them in the bin, which is somewhat environmentally-unfriendly.

Finally there is Niazipan by Martin McAllister. He hasn't posted much recently, but previous offerings include the idea that DFS should create a lazyboy that has a universal remote built into one arm and a fridge in the other.

Sounds good to me.

In other creative blog news, Willoughby of A Fly In My Soup has announced that he has ceased blogging, in order to spend more time with his family.

This is understandable - blogging can take up a lot of time - but it is a shame, as not only was Willoughby the only commercials director with a blog, it was also a very witty read.

He will be missed.

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