Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Uke Can't Be Serious

An inexplicable new craze is sweeping adland - playing the ukelele.

Ed Morris (ECD at Lowe) plays.

Mark Reddy (BBH Head of Art) plays.

Even our own Russell Davies plays.

Weirder still, not only do these people play the tiny backwoods instrument, they also collect ukeleles. Mostly buying them on eBay.

If anyone can explain this phenomenon, please do.


Anonymous said...

um, more hideous than the ukelele is that speedo that outlines things that should not be outlined. Who told him to sit like that?

William said...

Great choice of picture.

I'm not only a sucker for ukuleles but I'm guaranteed to love any film that contains a ukulele playing scene.

Do you play any instruments Mr Scamp?

copyranter said...

Uke makin' me puke.

Anonymous said...

Blame George Formby.

He was more influential than you might think.

Scamp said...