Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Poll - Is Reading Blogs A Good Use Of Your Time?

My friend Damiano's computer calculates that in the last month, he has looked at over 12,000 blogs.

He wonders if this is a good idea.

So this week's poll (top right of your screen) asks you to settle the question. Is reading blogs more of a help to your career, or a hindrance?

UPDATE. Damiano wants me to point out what 'looked at over 12,000 blogs last month' actually means as "I'm guessing some of your readers might not have heard of RSS readers and think I don't do anything else with my life!"

Here's what he actually does.

"My glorious google RSS reader gives me the opportunity to filter 120 chosen blogs, which all together post approximately 12,000 blogs between them, (these include BBC news, guardian, digg and reddit sites which produce a significant percentage of the 12,000 and of those I mostly skim through). With the magic of RSS you can easily zero in on what you want to read, which I usually tag or star."

"I tag or star approximately 150 blogs (mostly business blogs) per month for future reference once I've read them. This means I actually read 60 to 70 blog entries a day which is approximately 2000 a month."

P.S. if Damiano's boss is reading this - he is very good at his job, despite all that time he wastes looking at blogs!

Meanwhile, the result of last week's poll is very encouraging.

I'm not too clever with the calculators but I did manage to work out that the mean job satisfaction of readers of this blog is 7.4 out of 10. And the median is 8. Pretty high, no?

Or you could say it proves for definite that we're not artists...

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