Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Poll

83% of you prefer Glory to Success.

Rock on!

That was last week's poll.

This week - as we begin to abandon those promises of a detox January - I'm asking "Which department in an advertising agency drinks the most?"

Is it Creatives, seeking inspiration from Stella?

Is it Traffic, "liaising with the printers" in some ghastly strip-pub in the East End?

Perhaps it's those little minxes in TV, and their easy familiarity with the cocktail menu at the Charlotte Street hotel?

Or is it our beloved Suits - always out getting wasted - which they refer to as "team-bonding".

I can't believe it could be the Planners... though there's a few dark horses amongst you...

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Anonymous said...

i wonder if that's why account men are paid so much.

Anonymous said...

Gidday Scamp, cool blog.
I hope you don't mind...I've pinched your chart for a blog entry of mine.

Anonymous said...

Your Friday polls are a perfect way to end the week!