Friday, July 18, 2008

The Great Fallon Print Mystery

Most of you think they are deliberately sacrificing their print work, to make the TV good. I've been in touch with some Fallon creatives over the course of the week. They don't know the answer, but they don't think it's that. Also, if that was the strategy, I think we'd see bigger packshots and more product info in the print.

The impression I get is that it's multi-factorial, so none of the three options on the poll really cover it.

If you have the answer, send an e-mail to Richard Flintham.

Okay, that's it. I'm officially sick of talking about Fallon now.

I am not going to post about that particular agency again until at least the beginning of September. Not even if their building is taken over by terrorists.

Instead, there will now be a new poll in the right hand column. It's a question suggested by Andres, an Argentine working in the US. He wonders "Is there such a thing as good and bad clients, or is that just a myth?" I get his point. Honda were running very average work, then they went to W&K, and the work became great. That suggests they weren't a bad client, they just didn't have a good agency.

Then again, Nike and VW nearly always get great work, and they're with a whole slew of different agencies around the world. Even Grey could do a good Nike ad, couldn't they?

Or does great work come out of great relationships? That theory sounds good, but are there cases of great work happening, despite a fractured relationship, which would disprove it?

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Andrew the Mightbe said...

Thank God for your resolution.
I'm sick too. Fucking sick of reading about their print, wankabral this, wankabral that, their juniors, the building, their creatives having job interviews at Wal+Kennedy, etc aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh stop it.

Anonymous said...

scamp, on a totally different matter entirely, do you ever do book crits for up and coming juniors?

Rose said...

I had a crit with Scamp and the "grumpiest AD in Soho" once. It was great, good advice and didn't feel patronising like others I've had.

I'd recommend it to anyone. They make a good cuppa too.

Anthony Cunningham said...

Have to say this only shows fallon doesn't have much of a clue what they're doing aside from TV.

It also shows you lot give them too much credit. No wonder why their juniors think they're the second coming of john webster.

Anonymous said...

lol, at previous name.

what year are you from?

Brake Dollinge said...

it's 'cullingham', heretics.

this anti-cabralismo is a bit off. he has the brass neck to produce the most seminal work of the last few years, and people carry on as if he ate their dad. and if we can't do better than 'wankabral' as an insult, we really might as well go home.

they'd love a terrorist attack & all. they could shoot it at 120fps, whack on an obvious soundtrack and vague and puffy endline, flog it to a bun company or summat, bingo.

oh dear... said...

This site seems to have
become the Starbucks
for placement and junior teams.

Anonymous said...

hahaha at shooting the attack. i can see it now. get some hugely expensive director in on it too.

Anonymous said...

VW always does great work - like that passat ad on telly at the mo?

Anonymous said...

I thought we said no more FALLON! Stupids.

Anonymous said...

And why is everyone always picking on Wal?

Anonymous said...

Quite right. oh dear...
I'm off too.

Anonymous said...

People think advertising is about talent, it's not. Ok it is a bit, but getting great work out is only a bit about talent and alot about luck. It's why good people occasionally do shite and shite people occasionally win awards (or work at Ogilvy). My guess is that Fallon haven't done any great print because they haven't done any great print, not because they can't, but just because the god of advertising hasn't been smiling on them in the print department of the god smiling sector. The really good people know this, and it fills our souls with humility (and if you say our souls quick enough you might be closer to the mark). It's something junior Fallon teams will learn soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Note to the UK advertising community: Print is dead.

Anonymous said...

No its not you moron. I see it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

4.28. you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

... people use the climate as an excuse. you can still get work through. of course its not easy. but you can. believe.

Anonymous said...


Print isn't dead it's just in hibernation till you lot pull your F'in fingers out and start producing interesting concepts again!

Fair enough Getty have torn the heart out of all your ideas for the last few years, with clients tenuously shoe horning crappy shots into your beautiful scribbles but come on!

Try getting excited about it again. Ok it doesn't have the shiny new exciting flavour as all these new media schemes being thunk up but if the ad budgets keep getting slashed it's going to be your only hope of commissioning new work!

Anonymous said...

Love it: 'I'm not going to talk another agency again till September.' Then 'Even Grey could do a good Nike ad.'

Anonymous said...

anon at 5.12

Scamp said he wasn't going to talk about fallon until next september - not all agencies. If you're going to comment, at least read the blog properly the first time

Bored of talking about Fallon said...

So what's everybody up to this weekend?

Anonymous said...

i'm doing my book up for fallon.


Bias said...

to anon at 4:28- - Luck? It's all about luck? Are we getting paid to spin the bingo balls here? Do you you choose concepts blindfolded? Obviously there is a degree of randomness and luck in every job, but I sincerely disagree it's the primal factor in adverting. It's about hard work, luck and the occasional visit of cap'n Spliff... or whatever gets you going.

Anonymous said...

re: your Argentine friend from the Americas question.

here's the deal. if the client is a slave to testing, you can kiss great work goodbye. nothing good survives testing.

if, on the other hand, they have a brain and exercise their judgement, you have an excellent opportunity to do great work.

m denton esq said...

re: earlier comment about the death of print - I hope you're wrong because I need volunteers to help me with some creative circle sponsor press ads. (

re: earlier comment about luck - it's not relevant. There's a very simple formula to apply - EFFORT=REWARD.

Dave Trott said...

To M Denton Esq.
Hi Mark. Paul Grubb always kept a quote on his wall from Armand Hammer.
"People say I've been lucky.
It seems to me the harder I work the luckier I get."

Anonymous said...

I don't think there are good clients and bad clients. But I do believe that regardless of how the client approaches their advertising development, one thing is certain - the client gets the agency that it deserves. If it's a risk-taker then it gets an agency that is willing to push the envelope and make great things happen. If it's conservative then it ends up with an agency that works on the account to simply pay their bills. He he he!

Anonymous said...

A good example is the relationship that Damon Collins had with the Boots client while he was at Mother. I'm told they are rather a precious client, and Mr. Collins handled them brilliantly. From what I can see, before Collins, there was Harry Hill ranting on about 2 for 1's and half price electricals, then, while he was in charge, there was LaChappelle's Get Gorgeous Campaign, Moment of Truth, British Sun etc.

Anonymous said...

And now it's back to shit again.

Have you noticed they are continuing to use 'Here Come The Girls' about ads that don't involve girls coming?

Anonymous said...

So is Mr Studzinski at fault for that then? Interesting point, and nothing to do with fallon juniors. hurrah!

Anonymous said...

apparently boots has a brand new marketing director as well.. could that person be the one to blame instead?

Anonymous said...

They haven't done a huge amount since Damon left, so I guess we will see. Here come the girls wasn't done on his watch, so it seems to still be pretty good.

radovan grezo said...

whoever says there are no good or bad clients is either too lucky (go and play some lottery) or not in the business long enough.

I used to believe that too, but then I worked for clients you couldn't change no matter how hard I tried.

some clients just have a different idea of what "great work" means.

Anonymous said...

Problem with this site in a nutshell:

Fallon sometimes do good ads. Fallon sometimes do shite ads.

Who cares?

You are all middle/upper class bedwetting knobheads in shit gear and a superiority complex. Stick Radiohead on yer ipods and fuckoff.

nelson said...

What a nice age-old discussion to distract my mind from the latest 'brief' to land on my desk.

A 30 second radio brand ad.

The only mandatories are that it mentions...

...the brand at the beginning and end.'s the number one choice for everyone
...that we list it's wide range of product
...that it's the wise choice
...and that there's free delivery

apart from that, we're as free a bird to do what we want, oh and can we use the same voice as the tv.

On the up side perhaps this answers the debate.

Someone's got to do it though, eh.

Anonymous said...

Mark Elwood outsourced the design work to Prontoprint.