Friday, January 18, 2008

Who Is The World's Weirdest-Looking Creative Director?

I don't think it's Jon Williams (new CD of Grey), although one can only agree with commenters who have compared him to Charles II or a historic battle re-enactor.

But you know what?

I like CD's that look weird.

All hail Trevor Beattie.

All hail to US adman Donny Deutsch.

All hail Mr Pringle lookalike Piyush Pandy of Ogilvy India (illustration by Gwen).

And beware the normal-looking CD.

We're Creatives after all, and the essence of creativity is difference.


Rob Mortimer said...

When I went to BMB Trevor Beattie stood out a mile as I saw some hair sticking up over a desk!

Meeting a CD tomorrow, will look for normalness!

pisspoorenglish said...

Haha, well said.

When I went to McCann Manchester a few years back I met a guy called Simon Sinclair (nice guy) who had a belting Dali style moustache.

My first encounter with a CD, and it was quite hairy. Ahem.

See here for example:

Heck, I'll grow one if someone gives me a job!

Anonymous said...

How about John O'Keefe as Monkey Nerd? He reminded me of this when I saw him at an awards do.

rjhayter said...

Jon Williams = Justin Lee Collins.

Robin Wight borrows suits from Batman's nemesis, The Joker.

John Hegarty looks like he's permanently squinting. And I saw him the other day in a suit of finest two-tone purple cheque. (I'll never get a job at BBH now. Oh well.)

Ben Priest doesn't look very weird, though. Or Ed Morris. That's a worry.

I'm a bit fat and I wear glasses. Is that weird enough?

rjhayter said...

Anonymous 5:29

You're a genius.

Anonymous said...

Scamp - is it true you look like Peter Beardsley?

Scamp said...

No. But I've heard your mum does.

Anonymous said...

re scamp @5.51.

My mother does look like Peter Beardsley, and i find your suggestion that there is something wrong with this deeply upsetting.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at Mark Tutssel before and after the retouching. And that tan is one Dale Winton would be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy into the weird-looking creative thing. To me it's no different than displaying your creativity by having wacky toys on your desk. How about Richard Flintham? He's pretty normal looking. Steve Jobs? Steven Spielberg? Charlie Kaufman? The guys from Pleix look incredibly normal (but they do have a weird name).

I think normal is the new creative gold-standard.

Anonymous said...

With that kind of criteria, Bill Bernbach would never have been creative director.

Is it me or this blog is becoming "The superficial" of uk's ad world?

Scamp said...

If 'image' is superficial, then so is our whole job, right?

I happen to think it's all rather fascinating, whether it's a brand's image or a person's.

The clothes people choose, their whole style... what they are consciously or unconsciously communicating.

Hair is especially interesting, no?

kate moss said...

I find you can tell a lot about a creative director by his Johnson.

If it is aroused and in my bum then it's good. If not, then I'm not really interested.

Jamie Hince said...

Scamp, I absolutely agree with you on this and 'Tip No.25 - Look Creative'.

And so what if it's turning into 'The Superficial'. Who doesn't love that site??

Kate, what are you doing on here... you're far too normal looking.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is that it's a little bit unfair choosing looks over substance.

If 'image' is all it takes then let's all quit our jobs so designers can take over.

I do agree that a big deal of what we do depends on differentiation. And SOMETIMES it's a reflection of how creative you are but most times it's not.

If people have to rely on clothes and hair to get noticed, maybe their ideas are not that great, are they?

John Webster, Wieden, Bernbach, Serpa, Scarpelli, Craigen, Hegarty (unless you count wrinkles as a differentiation point), Papworth.

All of them CDs that you would have overlooked just because they don't have mullets.

It's a good post anyway.

For The Superficial.

Anonymous said...

Erm Scamp.

I'm sure your very busy, but its Friday morning and I still haven't had an apology about being disrespectful to Executive Creative Director’s mums who happen to have a passing resemblance to Peter Beardsley.

Come on, come on, I'm waiting.

Peter Beardsley said...

You look 'weird' because have your own style and shun the norm. Which one would hope reflects in what you write.
Just compare the students walking out of any london art school to the young estate agents on the weekend in any pub on Knightsbridge.

loonflares said...

'Be bourgeois in appearance that you may be violent and original in your work.' - surely y'all dont resile from M.Voltaire

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All this begs the question: What must Beardsley's Mum look like?

DC said...

Your all wrong. Bill Bernbach is the strangest looking creative director:

Anonymous said...

Howard Smiedt at ogilvy is damn ugly.

IainH said...

I worked with Jon at Wunderman, and he was an inspiration. Fought hard to look after creatives in terms of workload and good pay. I have a lot of respect for him.

He was rather more portly then, so we referred to him, affectionately I should stress, as Fat-tagnion, the Fourth Musketeer.

He fought for our work and would constantly remind us that 'it's only a fucking website, so go home on time'. He took the pressure off, which brought out the best in us. He trusted in his creative dept, and we all rose to that, collecting many awards along the way. He's also one of the most ego-less CDs I've worked for, which also made a huge difference to us.