Friday, August 08, 2008


The West Village, Manhattan

Bit studenty, this campaign?


Anonymous said...


Are you using an iPhone to post, scamp?

Anonymous said...

Argh! Hate this campaign. "In an Absolut world" things would be... what? Better? Different? Quirky?

At best it's a rip off of the old Smirnoff campaign that at least had some edge to the idea - seeing the darker side of life through the Smirnoff bottle. At worst it's a completely generic "insert brand name here" campaign.

Somehow I don't think that the next book of Absolut ads will be a big seller.

Anonymous said...

yeah rubbish. What happened to ads that told you something about the product? This has got fuck all to do with vodka, drinking, hangovers or anything else. It's not an absolut world, it's a miserable, crappy dying planet. Vodka makes that fact more palatable. There's an insight. Why can't they do ads on that? All this Cadbury's Gorilla, if Carlsberg made something they don't and never will, 3 mobile singing cherry nonsense; doesn't anyone else thing it's all just a little too... easy? That said the 3 stuff was ace. And i'm hungover. So what do i know? But still, wouldn't briefs be better if planners had to give some actual facts to back up the pseudo-philosophical wank they write on briefs? I'm so sick of briefs with not an ounce of truth in them. Give me something to work with, don't try and write endlines. Okay, rant over. I'd love to know the proposition that got the team to that absolut work though. I bet it was bollocks.

The Idea Bakery said...

Being a student myself, i suppose i dont really have the right to inflict my opinion on what ads are "studenty". I hope someone can define for me? Too generic?Too safe? Seen it before malarky, basically shite.....??

But i agree with pgtipsmonkey, it just doesnt have the same feel as previous absolute ads.

The Oxymorons said...

Generic thought. You could use that with any other brand out there. Where's the truth?

The Oxymorons said...

The ideas bakery - you have every right to comment. Especially the fact that you're a student.


Scamp said...

Not an iPhone. In the UK, these are only available on the O2 network, and as one of our biggest clients is Vodafone...

burgess said...

I like this work quite a lot, actually. Particularly the Times Square ad. It does a bit of exactly what anon 2.59 was hoping for, making the world more tolerable. Or that is what the brand promise is coming across like to me. I also like that this idea has action behind it, a movement for a better world. If actions communicate stronger then communications I could see this campaign growing well beyond print and OOH.

Anonymous said...

Anton Reyniers - 07/08/2008

The use of 'real' British celebrities i.e. the ones that appear to be real representatives of the UK people was a genius way in to making the brand more human after the car crash which was the bum slap and Sharon Osbourne. This is a great way to move on from that strategy and continue to make ASDA a notorious and real British brand - not just some glossy produced fake crap with a mum, trolley and brat in hand smiling like a prozac junkie. The use of Shane Meadows looks fairly essential. Being an expert in filming British culture it would seem natural that he shoots this so it doesn't fall on the wrong side of the fence. Clever stuff.


Anonymous said...

the comments here have gone to shite scamp.

some editing please sir!

the absolut campaign is great.

sorry, it's not. it's awful. yes, let's look at the world through the prism that is YOUR wonderful brand! because we don't have anything better to do.

yeah, an absolut world would be awesome!

if only they were selling a stronger/better drug. then it would totally work.

Alan Wolk said...

Vodka's such a funny category.

I mean by definition, it has no taste. So it's 100% marketing and image creation.

Absolut created the superpremium category- before that, everyone drank Smirnoff to impress their friends.

Now Absolut is old news and there are half a dozen upstarts which are even more expensive and less well known (e.g. greater snob value) - Grey Goose, Ketel One, etc.

So if the purpose of the ads is to get the target to think "drinking Absolut will impress my friends and get me laid because it shows how cool I am" then this campaign's not really working.

But advertising seems to have far less effect on vodka sales (in the US anyway) than things like in-bar promotional stunts (literally hiring hot women to order Scamp vodka drinks and chat up guys and then talk the guys into buying them more Scamp vodka drinks) and things like that.

But if Absolut wants to be to be middle America's default vodka, then they're okay. My biggest issue is that a bunch of them take a few minutes to get, and other than ad creatives, no one in America spends more than a few seconds trying to figure out an ad.

Anonymous said...

comments too long. can't be arsed.

Anonymous said...

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xgeronimo said...

studenty - is it bad or good?
my associations to the word "studenty" (bit naive, lack of experience,.. on the other hand, if the opposite to it is "professional" (more experience, less naive).. doesnt make it better... or does it?