Saturday, August 16, 2008


A few days ago, we mocked HSBC. The bank, that is. But you can't fault their advertising.

Their global campaign is not only relevant, thought-provoking, simple and supports gazillions of executions... but it even has a clever media strategy behind it - owning the jet-bridge.

So, props to a campaign that I don't think gets enough.


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are you having a laugh?

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HSBC stuff is good. And solid. And yes I agree they own the sky and jet bridges really way, so excellent placement, but it's not as good as...

BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4.05 - 10.32 etc

will you sod off back to Wal's blog or go and and watch some saturday morning cartoons.

]-[appy Thought said...

Saw these last week while I flew back to the UK. From a digital POV that web address is a bitch to type. I also don't see why me loving a cat of finding high heels painful makes me care about the bank, when all I'm after if a current account that doesn't take the piss too badly, or am I missing the point?

Slight tangent - but still on topic, although everyone seems to hate the Orange "I am" campaign their digital CTA is very good. Instead of buying a complicated URL they just bought the words I and AM from Google and tell the viewer to search for I AM and they are the first link. The HSBC link would have worked a lot better doing this.

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happy thought, you jet setter you.

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Didn't AOL do that years ago?

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You've all missed something good in this brainstorming session. Yes the URL is complicated. BUT if you put it on the end of the TNCC spots particularily Bring on the trumpets then we would have got the views of those that work outside the industry, good or bad and that's the point. Or we could all go home and realise what we do isn't really saving the world, and, just maybe people out there are allowed to like our ads or even not want to give a point of view. Even if idiots on here use it as an excuse to attack an agency or individual or make absolute dumb comments like "check out some of the most dismal ads on God's clean Earth" whoever you were, you like look a fool now (the ads are getting mainstream press and um, you have the hate way too strong)
So, there's a point of view.
Just wait for the haters to repsond again. It won't take them long. They'll write something very 'witty' and attacking within seconds...

Anonymous said...

I wrote the dismal ads comment.

The ads are fucking dismal.

If popularity was an indication of quality then the Big Mac would be the best burger in the world.

I don't care what thick fuckwits like. They're thick fuckwits.

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mmmmmmmmmm iii luurrrveee bigmacs!!!!!!!!! byee.xxxx

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bring on the trumpets is not that bad, is it? but it's a straight rip off from this:

don't fallon ever get tired of ripping of videos?

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12:46. you are clearly against fallon.
No one owns the idea of voices over picture.
The ads are completely different. TNCC have in built quirks like Bring on the trumpets designed to get into the vernacular.
It's in the writing and the idea.
The Leo Burnett ads were test films that did run. But they are not the same IDEA.
Yes there are hundreds of ads with inatimate objects speaking or not speaking. Cravendale Milk comes to mind. Of course you are just hell bent on baggin out fallon...AGAIN. And of course you are just anaylsing every little thing that comes out of fallon and trying to create links to make it look like they rip stuff off. The argument is redundant because you can link a hundred things back to anything (Lots of ads have people talking to camera in 'odes to..' for example) and campaign defintely aren;t going to run an article on this as it's a tedious weak link.
7:05-I think the point is sure, you can not like them or hate the ads, I don;t like them all (bit i love bring on the trumpets), but it was the contempt you held and your overarching statement that was a little pointed. Evidenced in your reference to ASDA. Again is looks like Fallon bashing. If you don;t like it fine. Just say "I don;t like it for xyz reasons" don;t then say it's the most abysmal thing on earth unless you want to say "To me it's the same category as DFS or Cilit Bang" then we could discuss.
Both- Well done for making this about fallon and again. Personally I am sick of giving them so much attention. It's just plain obvious the reasons why you are doing it. Lets talk about something else if you can find it possible.

Anonymous said...

Please I am begging you post something else.
This is getting ridiculous now.
Anything but fallon or ads or trumpets or juniors. ANYTHING.
How about "Why is there only one good planner in every agency?"

Anonymous said...

Give Scamp a break! His post was nothing to do with Fallon. It's other people taking it over that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

True. Lets talk about this:

awesome 4 ideas in one

Anonymous said...

4:58 PM

Products with voice over is different than ANY inanimate object with voice over.

I'm not against fallon. As I said I like bring on the trumpets but I happen to know for a fact they used those films as a reference.

Btw, there's something brown in your nose, mate.

Anonymous said...

That samsung ad is in the same league than ASDA, def. Makes me want to throw a brick at my plasma.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.58

You come across like a desperate child who wants to point out lots of ill-thought-out, ill-founded pedantic rubbish to back yourself up.

You like a kid's ad. Well done. It's shit; ASDA's shit. If you'd like an example from another agency, the new Land Rover ad is a dreadful bastard child of Volvo Twister.

I have nothing against Fallon per se (although you must be fucking blind if you think they haven't ripped their shitty sweets ads off McD's) but at least I don't defend their shit work like some rabid fanboy who won't hear a bad word against The Dark Knight (it's shit, too. I bet you love it.)

I have no agenda. I just call it like I see it. Shit ads liked by the terminally childish and/or thick.

Anonymous said...

If people are being harsh about this stupid trumpets ad, it's because it's getting far more attention and praise than it deserves and it's necessary to pick on it to make things even. It should vanish without a trace like all the other slightly wacky confectionery adverts that come out every day.

Frankly it is all starting to make me very sad. Why do we care about this when we could be enjoying simple things such as listening to birdsong, having a beer, or watching plastic bags getting caught by the wind?

Scamp, maybe you could do a post on how creatives can extricate themselves from advertising before it completely cuntifies them?

by this point I would be willing to take a job at a meatpacking factory if anyone has any contacts.

Anonymous said...

The ads are similair in so much they SHOW PRODUCT TALKING but they are not rip offs.
Again your argument is so thin it makes you look like the jealous little boy you are.
And you can;t argue wth their success with the public and sundry. Attention? yes..people love them.
Ok you don't. So...who are you again?
And in future lets all make sure we write ads that these two posters/bloggers like. Then we must be great. Go back to being that frustrated jeaous guy. It suits you.

Anonymous said...

Who am I?

I'm the anonymous D&AD/Creative Circle juror who hates shitty advertising.

I've got many D&AD entries, One Show entries, Cannes Lions etc.

Who are you?

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy that doesn't care so much about awards or name dropping like you, but cares more about work that works.
No I haven't done anything amazing. Ever. But I also know that Fallon don't hire people to do shit work and that every success has its haters.
Would I like to work there? Yes. And also WK and BBH. Wow, there you go, revel in that. I want to work at some of the best agencies in the world.
Tell me do you work there?
Can you name something else you don't like from another agency other than Fallon? Because try as we might we can't find a post where you do.
So all anyone here can deduce is that you have a particular disdain for them. Still yet unexplained beyond ASDA and TNCC.
Your the guy that wants his peers to love him. His peers to tell him how good he is.
And for his peers to repect because he has such a harsh opinion on work and godammit, your creative too, not just the people that are doing ads that are getting all the air time.
I'm the guy that looks at work with a much less anti fallon, anti 'anything you haven't done' sentiment.
It's great you have all those awards. It's great you hate shitty ads.
Wonderful even. But until you put your name to your posts, no one is going to believe you.
And if what you are saying is true, it still doesn't change the fact that still take your pants all the way down when you piss and you sleep at night in Spider Man pyjama's. That was a joke and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings oh great one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:05.
That previous poster is an imposter.
Who Am I?
Well you are right. I am a lonely placement creative trying to get a job.
I suck up to famous agencies hoping they will give me work.
I am not amazing.
I really want people to like me.
I want to do famous stuff.
I am so sorry. You are right. I am wrong. I must be as I have no awards and you have a very convincing argument and nice tone to your voice.
I have learnt me lessons. And only wish to learn more from you now.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 3.52,

If you've looked for a post where I 'hate' on a non-Fallon ad and failed, you haven't looked very hard.

At 8.07, I wrote:
'If you'd like an example from another agency, the new Land Rover ad is a dreadful bastard child of Volvo Twister.'

The fact that you haven't done anything amazing, ever stuns me. It really does.

Anonymous said...
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Ironjacket said...

You can fault HBOS, though. The 'Howard' ads make me want to boil my ankles. For further insight, see:

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. You're an angry bunch.

Relax. Take a look at this:

(If your hands are shaking with rage too much to enable you to click on the link, it's a photo of a cat with it's head stuck in a jar.)