Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who Is The Best ECD?

But first, the result of last week's poll.

Pleasingly, we are mostly happy. Only 20% of you either "don't like" or "hate" your current agency. So why do you whinge so much? Eh? Answer me that.

This week we're voting on who is the best ECD at a Top 30 Agency.

I've based the list on Campaign's most recent Top 30.

However, there's no one from TBWA or Delaney Lund in the poll - both have recently lost their ECD's and are yet to appoint a new one. I've also left out Ogilvy, since they have four creative partners and explicitly reject the ECD role.

In some cases, I may have put in the wrong people. Should I have added some of the 'Chairman' types like Gerry Moira and Mark Roalfe? Maybe. If I've badly muffed one or more of the choices, I apologise. Still, it should be interesting.

Vote now, in the right hand column of this blog.

And if you are making a comment, please bear in mind the house rules.

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Anonymous said...

Best by what criteria? Best work, best leadership, best personality? Or all of them?

Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't know that many of these people. I know OF them but I don't know them. So won't people just vote for the ones they've worked with?

Scamp said...

Good question.

I think we'll all have our criteria for what makes a good ECD, so I won't set it out myself.

But the analogy with football managers is worth making. I've never met Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, or Mark Hughes, but I have an idea of their personalities, and I certainly know what results they've achieved, and with what resources.

Anonymous said...

This post would have been removed by a blog administrator.

So there's no point me even writing it.

Radovan Gre┼żo said...

that top 30 list by campaign ain't much recent. comes from february 2007.

Anonymous said...

To screw this up can everyone please just vote for Jon Williams at Grey?

Anonymous said...

It's obviously a toss-up between Craigen, Saville/Waites and Flintham. All have been responsible for consistently good work for a number of years and seem to be nice, popular guys who have got the best out of many good teams. Maybe Davidson/Papworth could be nearly there. They just lack the overall range and Honda's been underwhelming since impossible dream.

Others are either too new/unproven (Gill, Williams, Keane/Ewart, Collins, Hunter, Silburn, Ramsay, Fink), not quite up to Craigen/Flinham/Mother, despite being relatively good (Patterson, Learman/Fraser, Beattie, WCRS lads, Morris, Brazier) or obviously not good enough (Stanners, Carruthers, MCBD's bunch, RBR guys, Burley)

Scamp said...

radovan, hopefully it doesn't matter that Campaign haven't updated their list yet. Unless there's an agency not represented that should be?

Anonymous said...

I respect a lot how Craigen and Flintham choose to have a low profile and let their teams receive all the credit. They both seem to be nice people to be around. I'd work for them any day.

Tony and Kim (tony specially) are all hype but lack substance. I also find the whole agency a tad arrogant.

Anonymous said...

It's got to be Saville and Waites. They don't just run a creative dept they run a whole business - without them (especially Robert) Mother wouldn't exist. None of the other names on the list can match their achievements of the past 10+ years

Anonymous said...

I vote Wal.

Can't we add him to the list, I'd let that boy direct my creative any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that all the ECD's mentioned have gained votes. How sad for the people who thought the ECD's or Publicis and Euros were worth a vote (or voted for themselves).

Anonymous said...

Interesting poll this one Scamp. Clearly the votes are swinging one (or four) ways.

So are there just loads of BMB and DDB, W&K and Fallon readers voting or is this the whole industry's feeling?

Anyway, this leads me to a suggestion for the next poll.

You've polled what departments people work in, what time they leave, how much they earn etc... but how about a poll of WHERE everyone works.

List the top 30 agencies (or 50?) and the obligatory 'other' box and see what comes back.

Might be interesting. If everyone's honest.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

DDB are scamp grouppies so no wonder why jeremy is king here.

That said, the guy is ace.
He deserves his reputation.

Anonymous said...

Fair point. No doubt Jeremy is deserving of the votes. His reputation speaks for itself. Likewise Beattie and Flintham in my opinion.

It might be that there are nobody from Euro or Publicis reading this though and that's the reason why their fellas have had less of the vote.


Anonymous said...

i think it would be more interesting if it was 'ECD's you've worked for'. just to stop the deluge of placement guys that post on here and give a little insight beyond the myth.
so who will it be scamp? john or jonathan?

Anonymous said...

@ 5.14:

Yeah...that's why Euros and Publicis have had less votes.

And not much for AMV. How the mighty have fallen...

Scamp said...

I don't get the John or Jonathan comment... am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

"just to stop the deluge of placement guys that post on here"

Stop the hate on 'placement guys'. We all were juniors once. I particularly was lucky enough to get advice from the likes of jeremy himself, tindall, trevor, flintham and andy, etc

Without their kindness, generosity but above all their patience, I'd be working at Sainsbury's (and I don't mean the account).

Treat the juniors the way you'd have wanted to be treated by back in the day.

In fact, treat juniors with the same respect you'd treat your CD. Believe me, one day that'd might be the case. Ask Juan.

Anonymous said...

Umm. Can someone at BMB confirm that you never actually SEE Mr Meattie? Apparently you put work by his door and if it goes through they tell you, otherwise he throws it in this giant bin?

I don't call that direction. But apparently he's a seriously nice guy who's morals run thick and he treats people like he would like to be treated. And he has curly hair and he's going to space.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I think 8.45am was being sarcastic.
In fact no. I KNOW he was being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"I don't get the John or Jonathan comment... am I missing something?"

come on scamp which ECD gets your vote?

Scamp said...

Ah, I see. Will reveal on Friday. Probably.

Anonymous said...

see you at LizH monday morning then.

Anonymous said...

For Scamp, it's got to be Jeremy.
DDB has been his finest moment to date and I can only presume Mr C was crucial to some of Scamp's 'greatest hits'.

Btw, strong rumours surrounding certain argentine CD being offered fucking millions to ECD certain american agency in London.

Anyone knows if there's any truth in that?

Anonymous said...

I see Mc Canns have had their staff voting. Renders the whole thing rather meaningless that doesn't it? Well done Jeremy Craigen. Definately top 3 in my book but he's a bit too traditional to be number 1 tbh

Anonymous said...

apparently ed morris asked everyone at lowe to vote for him at a company meeting.
which would explain a lot.