Monday, April 21, 2008

Copyranter Quits Blogging

Image via Where's My Jetpack?

Award-winning NYC copywriter and one of the world's Top 10 ad bloggers Copyranter has announced he will no longer blog.

In typically no-bullshit style he gives his reason for quitting as "it takes too much time."

If you never read him, you probably won't care. But if you did, you'll be gutted.

Copyranter encouraged me a hell of a lot when I was starting out, and there's little doubt that he was the world's top 'creative who blogs'... he even got a gig writing a series of columns for U.S. web giant Gawker entitled 'Lies Well Disguised'.

Beneath a facade of contempt, Copyranter wrote about our business with unequalled wit and verve.

The proof that he cared was the special venom he reserved for cliche, sexism and ads that talk down to people. Example - his Most Gratuitous Use Of Breasts To Sell Something award.

If you liked him too, or had a favourite post of his and know how to do links within comments, do add your thoughts below.


RFB said...

Ranter's 12 Evil Days of Christmas from 2006 was classic.

He was an inspiration to me as well. It was disappointing to hear the news. I expect he'll turn up in another medium before long.

Thanks for using my mourning drapes shot!

Randomness: my word verification for this post is the unsightly and slightly foul "cukfx."

Anonymous said...

blogging on a sunday? that's unusual.
too much work at bbh scampi?

Lunar BBDO said...

Copyranter was great. I'll miss the way he railed against sexism yet always had THE best pictures to illustrate such invective. The girls with white arses in the surf from last week was a real high point (not illustrating sexism; just a love of tanlines).

Thank you CR, and good night.

Sell! Sell! said...

Darn it.
Let's hope he finds another outlet for his ranting that we can enjoy. I always secretly wished I'd find one of my own ads ripped to shreds on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I'm sure I'm gonna miss his witty and funny comments.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the 'ranter. His unremitting disgust for the American Apparel campaign and the Tom Ford fragrance work made me laugh.

As an aside, how foolish do you have to be to pay Salma Hayek to be in your campaign, and then only use her boobs?

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

How I'll miss him. His inspired link hazes, his irreveRANTtakes, his hilarious beat downs of tripe like American Apparel. I will bear the torch of his unsurpassed template while looking for him in the bonafide media.