Saturday, April 05, 2008

Juan Cabral DOES earn a million pounds a year. And he's worth every penny.

Most of you don't believe that Juan Cabral earns a million pounds a year.

Well, I've heard it from two separate sources so I'm pretty confident he does (the figure includes a value for share options).

And of course he deserves it. He easily brings in more than that for Fallon.

But you know what? I'm very happy that Juan is so well paid.

Because it's the hope - however unlikely - of one day obtaining a salary like Juan's, that makes the daily grind of brand books and research groups a little more bearable for the rest of us.

Freakonomics has a chapter that reveals most drug dealers live with their mothers. They have to - they actually earn very little money. The main reason they take such a low-paid and dangerous job is for the chance they could make it to the top of the hierarchy, where there is much money. And fringe benefits.

The same equation works for what the book calls the "glamour professions", which it says are are writing, acting, music and art. Musicians and artists are prepared to earn next-to nothing for years, in the hope that they could one day become Mick Jagger or Damien Hirst.

And us? Freakonomics refers to advertising as a "second-tier glamour profession", along with publishing, if I recall. That means the same rules apply to us, but a bit less so. The riches aren't so great at the top, and people won't work quite so long for so little at the bottom.

But we're slipping.

The days of copywriters driving Ferraris are long gone.

We need Juan to be earning a million pounds a year, if we want to retain our status. You wouldn't want to work in a third-tier glamour profession, would you?

Please note there will be no more Juan Cabral posts for 40 days and 40 nights following this one.

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Anonymous said...

I've got no problem with Juan earn a million smackers, Scamp. But as you and I are both late-thirties (and he's, like, 12 or something) perhaps our chances of raking in that kind of cash are slipping fast?

Unknown said...

If he does make that much... well, great. It gives us newbies hope of making some nice dough.

Anonymous said...

So, if juan's on a million, and robert senior's his boss - and he runs saatchi as well as fallon, so that's two jobs - does that mean robert's on £2 million? And does that mean that Kevin Roberts (CEO Saatchi Worldwide) is on £3 million?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to meet in the Blue Posts for a drink after work and talk about Juan for ages? Scamp, you'll be up for it surely?

Anonymous said...

Flintham's on a million, too.

Anonymous said...

Makes Ed Morris' rumoured wedge look pretty ordinary, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

If he earns a million pound, why does he shop in TK Maxx. I saw him in there just last week.

Anonymous said...

If the third tier has less wankers, shitheads and fuckos in it then I'll be happy to work there.

Anonymous said...

He shops at TK Maxx because he's saving up to buy Argentina.

Anonymous said...

There's no way he's on a mill - even with "share options" - and anyway Fallon is fully owned by Publicis so what shares are there to be had? Publicis has an LTIP which reportedly takes years to get onto. Fallon doesn't need to pay anyone that sort of money either and nobody, not even Juan (or Ed Modest) is worth that sort of dosh

Alan Wolk said...

Ad salaries are dropping pretty precipitously though Scamp, at least here in the US.

If nothing else, there are fewer agencies around that can actually afford to pay big salaries.

I fear Juan Cabral may be the creative department's last stand. We're moving away from a star system, and more and more clients are looking at utility and user experience to move a brand over pure creativity.

On the other hand, these things tend to be cyclical...

Anonymous said...

For fucks sakes. Can this blog and everyoner on it stop banging on about Juan Cabral, his work (both great and not so), his salary, his hair and whether he's better than another creative or not. It's becoming an obsession for Scamp I fear.

Anonymous said...

That's weird, I spent the weekend with him and his lovely wife and never went to TK Max.
Unless... mmm... which TK Maxx would that be?.

Anonymous said...

Good for him. He's good at what he does, and we're all jealous. All we're trying to do these days is figure out how we can emulate what's 'hot'. Perhaps we should be striving to top it?
Things evolve; things change; what's great today may not be great tomorrow; We all know this, surely?

El Cooko x

Darcie said...

and I just want a job! Cest la vie...

Anonymous said...

It's like football Scamp, Cabral is a premier league player, hence he gets big bucks whether he has a good game or not. I'm an old skool YTS player, hence i earn f**k all and nobody cares how much potential i've got.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Cabral is merely taking advantage of your UK ad industry's apparent need to lie prostrate in front of someone. Remember Tom and Walt?

He's done some good ads. That's it. so have lots of people.

but if he can screw publicis groupe out of a million quid, then good for him. it won't last. nothing in our alleged industry ever does.

Anonymous said...

Shit yeah!
What happened to those guys?
In the 90's Tom and Water were fucking awesome,
did all the best uk spots, maybe even the world?

reptile said...

It's a dangerous profession, yes. But someone's got to do it. But I'm resorting to hyperbole, in absence of substance, as usual.

Look at it this way, if there isn't sadness, there can't really be any real notion of happiness. Power, pelf define themselves by their absence.

Ah, bring on the night..

Anonymous said...

That's 2 million USD, but with half taken out in taxes, right?

No taxation without representation!

Anonymous said...

a million pounds? that's complete tosh. the only ones making that kind of moolah in money are owners/stakeholders and investors in agencies.

gerry graf made $2.7 mil over at chiat nyc before he went to saatchi and granger is kinda in that range but not cabral. not even keon, who after all is above him, makes a mil gbp (more like a quarter).

I won't begin to consider these rumours to be anything but fucking kindergartentalk unless you are prepared to post proof. someone show a paystub or an autograph scribbled on some hookers ass.

Anonymous said...

didn't know your mom asks for autographs

Anonymous said...

gerry graf was on 2.7 million at tbwa? no way. so what's he on at saatchi then mr. moneysavvy? 5 million? i think he's worth every penny btw. just seems a bit on the high side.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Juan - I don't begrudge him it at all, it's the beacon of wealth I one day aspire to. Although, I don't think 'trucks having fun' is as good as 'gorilla'. That said, I can barely fathom what would be. But the airport fiasco theme is amazingly topicaI. I don't know if Juan reads this, but I really think he should get involved in the Tres Semme ads - another definite money spinner. C xx

Anonymous said...

Scamp, back this up with some evidence otherwise its just silly gossip. Most top ECDs earn up to 400k so I really can't see the special Juan earning double that.

Anyway, the f**k am I doing writing about this for... time to stop all this nonsense about Juan this Juan that.

Its pretty bloody sad to be honest, there are a lot of equally talented people in this industry, they are just not is a position to pick their briefs, chose their scripts and shoot their ads.

Ps. I have to Turn the TV over when Trucks come on, its too bloody long, I'm bored within the first 10 let alone sit through the next 80 seconds, never a good sign. Self indulgent waste of money.

Anonymous said...


will you not be a tad embarrassed next time you bump into Juan… I’m sure he is scratching his head wondering WTF?

Anonymous said...

Lies, damned lies and the results of online surveys.

All your data tells me is Scamp is read by a bunch of cynical admen.

And we didn't really need a survey to tell us that.

Anonymous said...

the story behind graf goes like this: back when droga quit publicis, maurice offered graf 2.1 mil to take the helm. graf went waving the offer through the chiat nyc office, laughing his ass off. tbwa countered with 2.7 and he stayed. half of the creative dep got told this much. I don't know how much kevin is paying him but we all know it ain't lower.

agreed on surveys. all lies. it's just like a teenage boy telling a girl about the length of his dick.

Anonymous said...

scamp, it that you audi cats & dogs press ad? just seen it in one of the sunday mags.

Scamp said...

No, a colleague. Do you like it?

Anonymous said...

I didn't get it for ages. The when I did I wasn't impressed. The message seems to be: you can put the roof up when it starts to rain. Thanks for that.

And 'raining cats and dogs'...'why did the chicken cross the road'? What's next? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

I prefer the 'it sees things before you do' stuff but the ball is the best one. The rest are not really building on the quality of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

re scamp 2.38

to be honest no, not really.

took me a while to get it didn't really look like a cloud, it was too dark in places and overall not subtle enough.

shame as I think it could have been good with better art direction.

Anonymous said...

thanks anon. 11.56. surprised ddb chicago didn't try to snag him for 10 million.

god knows they could use a little grafiffication.

Sadland said...

Juan Million!

Anonymous said...

After reading Freakonmics is decided the best way to make any money in advertising was to become a drug dealer.

The amount of disco biscuits and marching powder my agency puts away Juan's £1m will soon seem like nothing.

The World Is Mine.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Or the simple option:

Make an ad that wins awards AND sells product and you too could reach the heights.

If he is paid that much then clearly some bean counters have worked out he earns it.

Anonymous said...

Drug dealing sounds like a simpler option to me, I'll be in the corner of the blue posts at lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at those who say Mr C ain't worth one million+. After all, if they don't agree with someone at or near the top of our profession earning a decent wedge, presumably they think they're overpaid too.

Arguing against creatives getting a decent share of the wealth they create for their owners, shareholders and clients seems incredibly short-sighted. Agency bosses must love our lack of faith in our own worth; they get to enjoy the double whammy of charging clients more for our work while enjoying more profits for themselves.

Self flagellation, anyone...?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.32

do you have any rohibnol to dull the pain of listening to Scamp's constant Jaunkfest?

Anonymous said...

To Bluepost Drug Dealer.

I have a client meeting at 2 with people who will never make anything as creative as the luxury Juan has ....can I order some of whatever Heath Ledger had to avoid explaining to the creatives they'll never earn £1m working on this shite.

Anonymous said...

'No more Juan posts for 40 days and 40 nights.'

How can we punish Scamp if he doesn't keep to his word?

I reckon there's more chance of seeing Frank Butcher in a Bob Monhouse Prostate Ad than him making it.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that people can't believe that he's on that figure. Trucks aside, he's made several of the best ads of the last few years, massively boosting sales for Cadbury and Sony. If pay is relative to generated income, then yes, he is on that figure, and yes he deserves it.

That is not to say he was called up to his annual pay review and told, 'ok Juan, you can have a rise... say 1 mil?' He would have negotiated HARD. If someone like that said 'I'm leaving, or give me a million', what would you do?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Juan pushed a deal like that.
He got offered it, that's for sure. He's not Theo Paphitis. He's not like that. He's actually too nice sometimes.

(Nevertheless he won't forgive Scamp for this)

Anonymous said...

Then he has an agent to do it for him.

Anonymous said...

>>>That is not to say he was called up to his annual pay review and told, 'ok Juan, you can have a rise... say 1 mil?' He would have negotiated HARD. If someone like that said 'I'm leaving, or give me a million', what would you do?>>>>

i can't see ANY holding company paying anyone who isn't a principal that much money without a titanic struggle. so JC must be a real hard ass. they're not offering it to him. that's not how THEY work.

sure, you'd like to think that it's like that (ie, "here you go you, you've done incredible ads. a million cool?"). but it's not.

they (big agencies) seriously think they're doing you a favor by letting you do your best work. ideas are a ten a penny. that's just a fact. and they know it.

but if JC can squeeze a mill out of maurice et al, then my sombrero is off to him.

Anonymous said...

Pass the balm, please.

Robert said...

What 'status' are you referring to Scamp?

Your lifestyle or advertising's corporate value?

Just for clarification.

Scamp said...

Social status. Like how impressive you are at parties. Though the other one's important too, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

it seems that all tainted jobs, advertising, professional soccer and the drugs industry are paid extremely well, while more honourable jobs like teaching, health care and so on don't pay you shit.

Funny how modern day society has its priorities straightend out.

Anonymous said...
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