Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The New Dove Ad

Okay, maybe not quite as good as Evolution. But very good nonetheless.

Some people are saying that Dove are hypocritical to slag off the beauty industry, and then sell... beauty products. I say that's rubbish. There's nothing wrong with moisturising creams and deodorants. But there's plenty wrong with the manipulation & lies some companies employ in selling them. All Dove are doing is pointing that out. Fair play to them.


Anonymous said...

I wish they had moved right away from the Evolution style and technique and done something fresher. This feels like a mood film put together by the account team.

Anonymous said...

i wish they did something instead of just pretending they cared about a problem they played an active role in creating until very recently. we all know they're just doing it because it's an angle that seems to be working. so it's just bullshit. and it's unilever. not a real person. nothing wrong with bullshit but don't get all sanctimonious too.

and telling parents to talk to their daughters about the beauty industry? yeah, that works. in fantasy adland.

Alan Wolk said...

Scamp, the criticisms I've heard are a bit more nuanced:

1. Dove is owned by Unilever, a company that promulgates these same unrealistic standards of beauty in advertising for many (if not most) of its other products. I've seen their skin-whitening product (available in India) cited as a particularly egregious example.

2. Dove's packaging and other collateral still uses pictures of thin, beautiful women which strikes many as hypocritical.

Hypocritical or not, I wish I'd done them.

Anonymous said...

Nup. Not buying it. It's great to watch, don't get me wrong.

But it just reminds me of a mid 90's Radiohead video.

How on earth can anyone tell me that's good for Dove?!?!?!? Really!?!!?!?

Gerry Cacanindin said...

For jaded advertising folks, this should come off as a lot of B.S.

But for women out there, I think it hits a nerve.

Anonymous said...

actually no gerry. it comes across as corporate poo to everyone with a critical mind.

who the f**k are unilever to tell anybody how to raise their children as they peddle their crappy soaps?

Lunar BBDO said...

It's a bit 'sur le nez' as we say here in poncey LBBDO.

I think there's an interview with the creative team in the new Archive where they say the client is more proud/as proud of this as Evolution.

Well, it ain't gonna win no Cannes Grand Prix.

Anonymous said...

Compared to 'Evolution', it's rubbish.

Adsurd said...

If this Ad wasn't the sequel of Evolution i don't think we would have this conversation. However since the fact is that this is the sequel of evolution, in my opinion it's not a good sequel & just that. They have a really good insight there & they could have done much better. Let's hope that next year they'll come up with something more beautiful.

Anonymous said...

rebellion is cool. sanctimony gets old. fast.

Anonymous said...