Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How To Sell A Free Magazine

I don't know if where you live is the same, but London has recently been swamped by people thrusting free newspapers and magazines at me. The guy in this film is the MD of one such, and this film showcases his utterly toe-curling instructions to their 'agents' (mag-thrusters). Make sure you read the YouTube comments. They're priceless.


Anonymous said...

'Wear the coat and hat with pride'. So you should be proud that the best job you could get is handing free newspapers out to people who think you're a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

"Any decent van driver would've hurled a half-eaten cornish pasty at him and shouted "TWAT"."
I laughed so hard at that one my sides hurt really.

I got one of them the other day from a guy on the street but he wasn't wearing his jacket..as one of the viewers said, FIRE HIM, FIRE HIM!

I'd say the content is okay-ish if you're bored while on the bus or train or just need something to throw at someone or hit them with, it would be much more of a hit if we didn't know about what employees are being told and if we had the freedom of picking it up; first time I got it I thought he'd ask me for money because they just show it to you like they want to sell you something, not give it for free. That really puts people off

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Scamp needs to be indulging in this kind of condescending gossip. Laughing at people isn't your style is it? The people this training video (and that's all it is) is aimed at are likely to be from Eastern Europe, and with English as their second language. It may be their first job in the UK. In that conext, it's a perfectly legit training tool created by a company seeking to get the best out of their staff. What's so funny about that?

Scamp said...

Yeah, but many of the immigrants to this country came here to ESCAPE persecution.