Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Racist Or Funny?

Australia Day was 26th Jan. so apologies for the belated topicality... the anti-racist Miss Great Britain release of two days ago (scroll down) made me think of this.

Basically, the Meat & Livestock Commission produce an Australia Day film every year, to get Aussies eating lamb rather than 'Unaustralian' alternatives like tofu.

But are the ads racist?

Quite a few YouTube commenters think so. Do you?

Here's last year's first of all...

And now the 2007 one.


SchizoFishNChimps said...

Everybody knows what racism is, but nobody really knows where the boundaries are. Those British ex-pats who complained about the racism in an Aussie beer ad that referred to them as whingeing Poms are clearly too thin-skinned. I think they should get a life.
These ads you've embedded are self-mocking, yet their targets are pretty varied - not just immigrants and Americans but hippies and vegetarians too.
Besides, lamb's a wimp's idea of red meat.
Aussie wusses.

Anonymous said...

These ads knock me out.

To the best of my knowledge, they only screen them a handful of times, and rely on press coverage to do the rest.

The beauty of them is the way they're read as a satire of red-necked nationalism by latte-sipping inner-city liberals like me, but are equally capable of being read as an (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) call to arms for Good Old Aussie Values (TM - The Liberal Party, 1996) by red-necked nationalists.

I don't think they're any more racist than, say, "Borat" is homophobic.

Anonymous said...

well said fnc- they should be promoting sausage

well said cleaver - i take them as satire

Anonymous said...

It's just a shame that the 2007 effort is so piss-poor. The '05 & '06 spots are among my all-time favourites (and I'm a Kiwi, so thats saying something).

I guess its the rule of sequels -sometimes the second one can be as good or better than the first (Aliens, Empire Strikes Back) but the thrid one generally sucks ass.

Speaking of racist Aussie humour, have you seen this little beauty?

Anonymous said...

These ads aren't racist. If anything they poke fun at Australians themselves. While we're on the subject of questionable racist and homophobic humour has everyone seen the virals on Kiwi vodka 42 below site? Bad taste? Maybe. Funny? Definately.

Kevin Joyner said...

These ads strike me at first as being symptomatic of the identity issues that the Australians I've met have told me are rife especially amongst young men in australia.

They will be much more commonly received as 'an (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) call to arms for Good Old Aussie Values' (as cleaver says); could it be this kind of forced national identity that leaves young australian men confused?

For me this is the issue more than racism.

Anonymous said...

2 things.
First, his name is Kekovich. Which makes him originally from Serbia or Croatia. One of the most racist-ridden areas there has ever been.
Second, this guy doesn't blink during the whole first commercial. Not once. Which makes him an alien (as per traditional sci-fi lore). An alien posing as a Serb/Croat is not a good thing.
One last thing, my father thought Alf Garnett was hilarious. As did I, but for opposite reasons. Irony is a tricky bastard alright.