Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Poll - The Great Press Debate

Quite a contradiction in this week's Campaign.

Page 2 announces that W&K's 'St Wayne' ad for Nike has won the £25,000 award for best national newspaper ad of 2006.

Judge Dave Dye calls it "the kind of image that seeps into our culture".

But on page 28, Mark Wnek (creative director, Lowe New York) reviews this Subaru ad (click to make bigger):

And he writes: "Does it stir the old-school copywriter in me? Hugely. Will it sell exotic SUVs at tens of thousands of pounds a pop? Never. Ever. All of this effort should have gone online."

So who is right?

Are advertisers wasting their money by communicating to people via the medium of tomorrow's chip wrapping?

Or is it a waste of time rying to prise web surfers' eyeballs off of young ladies' chests?

You decide. The poll is in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Now for the result of last week's poll. The subject was the most trivial so far. So understandably, it drew the biggest response of any poll so far.

The result - amazingly - was a 3-way tie. Creatives, Planners and Traffic are all complete alcoholics.

With Account Handlers staggering in not far behind in 4th place.

Shame on us all.

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Anonymous said...

This friday poll is weird. What do you mean ? Better to do or better for the brand ?

Scamp said...

Ah, I mean better for the brand.

Henry Lambert said...

The Rooney ad is a great brand ad that could never be replicated online.

The Suburu ad on the other hand is poorly concieved and clunky. You can almost hear the squeaks of leather as they shoe-horn in the product benefits.

Anonymous said...

Never a Friday poll has put me in such an ocean of incertitude. I have never see a friend or someone cut a press ad in order to post it and I get a lot of website in my mailbox every days. Sometimes, I shop on-line. I think advertisers don’t waste their money, mostly when they purchase a viral phenomenon. On-line is better than press. Press are noble but not shutter release. Do you remember the last time you saw an ad in a magazine and said “I will buy this”? My AD says it happened once for her. It was about make-up. Maybe press ad is effective for girl’s stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is kind of weird, heh.
While I see your point, I don't see what's the obsession (not yours, but the whole industry) in confronting two types of media that serve two different purposes. I think they should work together. CP+B in Miami does it much better than any other agency I can think of.

Myself, I think it all depends what you are saying and when.

Just one more thing, isn't Ronney's poster a wee bit overrated? Looks like an instore graphic to me. I's just to thin.

Call me ignorant, but I think Harvey Nic's beats it by miles.

Seb said...

This is really the hardest poll ever. Because both are brilliant. It depends on what you want to achieve.
Have you ever seen a website or online ad that left goose bumps or made you go crazy saying "I wish I had done this skyscraper pop up-banner" like the Rooney Ad did?
And did you ever saw a press ad that was playful and interactive and made you send it to a ton of friends like did?
Both are brilliant in their very own way.

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to think press. But only because I've never really come across great brand work online.

Can I take option C? and sit on the fence for this one?

copyranter said...

This poll shoud've been who drinks more...
ad people
whiskey batch tasters

Anonymous said...

When reading something that Mark Wnek has written I always think it's worth bearing in mind the man is an utter cock.
Just thought I should mention it.