Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday Tip No.13 - Get Reference

You had the idea, so you know what the ad will look like. But no one else does. That means everyone will start visualising it in their own individual way, and might start arguing for it to be executed in their own individual way. You don't want that. You want it your way.

So get reference.

If people don't know what your ad is going to look like, they might not understand it quite as well as they should, so they might not like it as much as they should, so they might fail to sell it / buy it.

Get reference.

Some of the people you present your ideas to are perfectly capable of visualising from a script or scamp. But some aren't. There are lots of people in this business who are great at marketing or strategy or account handling but who couldn't visualise a red arse unless you show them a picture of somebody being spanked. (This doesn't make them bad people, incidentally. They just need your help.)

Get reference.

All right, Scamp, you've convinced me. I'll get hold of a piece of film or something. But not just yet. I'll get it when the idea is about to go to client, okay?

No. Get it now. John Webster never showed any idea to anybody without reference. From the very beginning of the process, he made people 'see it' - and he made them see it his way.

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