Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Ad Blog Charts

The guys at Beyond Madison Avenue used to produce a chart of the Top 25 Advertising Blogs, but they've stopped.

Being (long ago) the geeky kid obsessed with the pop charts, I asked if they'd mind me reviving it. They said okay, so here it is.

Top 25 Ad Blogs

2Advertising/Design Goodness24,249
8Twenty Four79,243
9Logic + Emotion104,241
10Jaffe Juice143,016
12Russell Davies162,185
13How Advertising Spoiled Me186,987
14Experience Curve207,549
15Beyond Madison Avenue225,279
17American Copywriter250,615
18Advertising For Peanuts295,202
21BrandFlakes for Breakfast437,689
24Ernie Schenck541,301
25Welcome To Optimism553,748

Top 10 UK Ad Blogs
1Russell Davies162,185
5Welcome To Optimism553,748
7What If...1.45m
8Gwen Yip2.88m

UK means UK-based. Ad blog means ad blogs not marketing blogs, so that excludes Gapingvoid and Life In The Middle. Also, I'm only counting English language blogs.

No doubt I've missed a few out that should be on there. Do let me know and I'll put them in next time I do it.


Danny said...

Yeah. Sorry about that. Mack, who was keeping up that list, has started up his own blog and we haven't jumped back into it. Thanks for picking up our slack!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the data from?

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Yeah, I was wondering what BMA were up to. Well done for taking this up. Are you using Alexa rankings too?
It may be just my browser, but this post has huge blank spaces between the tables.

Scamp said...

Yes, I am using Alexa rankings.

Fixed the huge blank space problem, thanks for pointing it out.

And sorry the table is so ugly, it's my first-ever HTML table!

I will make it nicer next time.

Anonymous said...

Will I be an ad blog in 2 weeks (when I become a planner)?

If so, where would I come in the chart?

Scamp said...

Paul, would you like to be classed as an ad blog?

Your Alexa traffic ranking is 246,089, which would put you 17th in the world chart, and 2nd in the UK.

Congratulations on your move into planning, I hope it goes well, I'm sure it will, those famous red socks represent a formidable boost to the firepower of any planning department.

faris said...

Hang on! If Paul goes in I'll get knocked out ;)

Me and Beeks bringing up the rear.

faris said...

Phew - just checked and am up to 2.3M - should be safe when Paul moves in.


Anonymous said...

Well that has to be bollocks. How do they work it out?

Seeing as I don't write about advertising much, if at all, and I don't plan to, and I like Beeker's blog a lot, I'd say no. Leave me floating around the edges.

Oh and thanks - I think it was the socks that clinched it.

Stanley Johnson said...

Despite not making the list, I no longer feel inferior.


Because I've finally twigged how the figures work, and basically, I think it's time to get my eyes tested.

I always thought the figures were for weekly visitors to a blog!

Now I know I know they're global popularity rankings.

Mystery solved. Off to optometrist tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good work on getting this back together! Nicely done!

Now, do I get to be listed as well?


Scamp said...

You got it, Paul.

I'll list you next time.