Monday, December 11, 2006

Silly Christmas

There are lots of Christmas videos going round at the moment.

This one is from up-and-coming directors/ graphic designers Type2error. Pleasingly mental.


Anonymous said...

Not bad.

Kind of reminds me of the campaign for NZ softdrink L&P's low-sugar version, which is quite hilarious.

(Sorry, i don't know how to do links. There are a few spots there. The ones i'm talking about are the three that each show a dodgy-looking 80s-styled bloke looking at the camera.)

Anonymous said...

I love the crotch flashing and the "I'm 7 and I can interpret song lyrics" dance.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm in a minority of one in not finding this very good. Seems like so many other YouTube/viral type things and lacks real originality

Anonymous said...

Anon, I will join your minority and make it a full one half of commenters here not being amused.

Up and coming? Really?

I think this is one of those times when some guys had a few drinks in the office - got a crazy idea - and did it. Then regretted it.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's one of those British ironic things that i don't get. it is quite funny how they're willing to humiliate themselves, but they're obviously doing something right - their website claims they've made 30 something videos!

and i doubt they regret it or they would have taken it off youtube already. the very fact that we're all watching it and discussing it serves the purpose of their viral!