Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'Ads' That Are Better Than Ads

You're probably already familiar with the wonderful PostSecret.

The site asks people to mail in their secrets, on a postcard.

Interestingly, the form they end up taking is similar to print ads - big visual, headline.

But actually they're better than ads, aren't they? They have more wit, more freshness, and more honesty than in 98% of the ads out there.

Why we highly-paid advertising professionals can't come up with work that's as engaging (and as interestingly art-directed) as members of the public can, I wouldn't like to say...


William said...

They are good. Very.

Probably because they come straight from the heart and not the client.

I was wondering if that's why brands like Howies do so well because they are actually marketed by themselves -people who care about the product.

copyranter said...

they remind me of the ads in the movie "Crazy People" where ad guy Dudley Moore starts telling the truth.
"Buy a Jaguar and you'll get handjobs from women you hardly know."

Anonymous said...

We're in an industry selfishly guarded by egomaniacs who are afraid to admit that ANYONE can do what we do - and often better.

Then again, these people didn't have AEs and clients looking over their shoulders, watering down their ideas.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, most people have great ideas some of the time, they just don't all of the time. You ad guys NEED to have great ideas all the time. It must be fun to come up with some of this shit

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that stuff about AEs and clients, but i reckon the biggest reason our stuff is rarely as good as the stuff you posted is that none of that work is trying to sell anything. It exists for its own sake.

That's why even the funniest TVCs are rarely as funny as an even halfway decent sitcom.

Doesn't answer your question about art direction though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd say they feel right because they are 100% pure message. They're not for any product or any cause.