Friday, December 15, 2006

Give Gwen A Job. Or At Least Read Her Blog

Gwen Yip is an art director from Hong Kong who is currently over in London.

Her blog is beautiful, and provides an amazingly fresh perspective on trying to get a job in the ad industry.

Here, Richard Flintham looks at Gwen's portfolio. She wonders why they sit right in the corner of a large meeting room.

Justin Tindall & Adam Tucker critique Gwen's work.

Gerry Moira likes Gwen's book, and he reminds her of Santa Claus.

Gwen is clearly a genius. She has a website too.


Anonymous said...

I met Gwen when she worked on the project she talks about for Yakult (while she was at W+K).

At the time I didn't really know what to make of her - I wished I'd known about her blog then.

Good luck to her.

gwen said...

Hi Paul, Ian gives me some finished Yakult X'mas cards today so that I can send them home. At least to show my parents that I've done something nice here. Thanks!

You know what, I had the idea of drawing you in your red socks in meetings at W+K long before I knew about our blog.

Hope I can figure out how to draw what I saw in W+K, I'm still under shock!

Anonymous said...

We loved the Christmas cards Gwen, properly loved them.

If you draw me I'll draw you.

Anonymous said...

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