Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Poll No.2 - Agency Of The Year

Which advertising agency deserves to be Agency Of The Year?

WCRS must be favourite. Their Sky win will put them top of the new business table. And their work is pretty good. (118 118, BMW... they even did a half decent ad for Ferrero Rocher).

Or how about DDB? Top of the Gunn Report - that means the most award-winning agency in the world, not just the UK - and top agency at the IPA Effectiveness Awards too. Campaign always gives DDB a bad write-up; you can bet your house they won't give their Agency Of The Year award to the Paddington crew. Too focused on new business performance perhaps, to the exclusion of other factors like... how good the actual ads are?

Then there's Fallon. Probably the most admired agency creatively in London at the moment. And they won the year's biggest pitch - Orange.

If you think it should be someone else, you can vote 'Other'.

The results of the first Friday Poll - on Agency Pay - were nothing short of astounding.

Which department is the most overpaid?
Account Handling77.4%
Traffic/ Progress/ Production9.7%
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Very few votes for planners, I notice. Is it mostly planners doing the voting, and one rarely thinks of oneself as overpaid?

A whopping 77% thought Account Handling is the most overpaid department. An incredible margin. Why are they considered overpaid, then? Is it because the old-fashioned 'client interface role' is unnecessary, now that clients are less formal and creatives more collaborative? Or is it because the other discliplines need people with 'rarer' skills, who ought therefore to be paid more, according to the scarcity principle? Would love to hear, if you voted for Account Handling, why you did.

And if you're an account handler... what do you think the result means?


Anonymous said...

What is the sample size?

Planners feel obliged to ask such questions to justify their salary.

Scamp said...

Seems the survey thinks your salary is more than justified!

There were 31 votes cast.

Scamp said...

You know, I could turn the spam filter on... but I don't think I will. It's too amusing!

Good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

And it reminds me - must get my machine insured.