Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unintentionally The Funniest Book Ever

I've recently finished "Open Minds. 21st Century Business Lessons and Innovations from St. Luke's" by Andy Law.

It is quite possibly the funniest book ever written.

Life at St Luke's was clearly bonkers.

And yet they took it all completely seriously.

At their awayday, every member of staff had to give a speech.

To make himself uncomfortable, as he was used to speaking publicly, David Abraham stripped off. Almost naked, literally, he exposed to us all the deep feelings he had about the company.

Meanwhile, someone asks Head of Planning John Grant if he is happy.
Happiness is a static point along the path of fulfillment. At any one point I can declare myself happy, but still feel there is more to fulfil... for example, I am happy now, because I am eating my breakfast, but my day is as yet unfulfilled.
Surely there's enough material for a comic novel in all this...


Unknown said...

Is this andy law the same guy who founded the LAW firm?

The book sounds like sheer fun! Did you get anything useful out of it as well? Recommendable?

Scamp said...

Yes it's the same Andy Law.

It wasn't really useful as such, though they say that laughter is good exercise.

Anonymous said...

So that's where Ricky Gervais got the idea for The Office. Did you see the tv documentary about St Lukes a few years back? Cringeworthy

Anonymous said...

Andy Law has always had his head up his arse.
But he is also one of those dangerously self confident, head-up-his-arse people that manages to take people with him on his personal arse-quest. And then drops them right in the shit.

copyranter said...

"Teacher says every time you close your mind, a butterfly loses a wing..."

Anonymous said...

Yes, life at St. Luke's was bonkers, but not everyone took it seriously. Most of that book was made up while he was on 'sabbatical' in Sardinia.

Amelia said...

Reminds me of one of the funniest books about advertising, published a few years about "e", all written through emails. I might just have to read the book for a good laugh!