Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Response To Andrew

Andrew said...
Good luck to both of you. What are the things a creative wants to know about their new office by the way?
4:58 AM

1. Where is my chair
2. Coffee machine, toilet
3. My computer isn't working. what's the number for I.T.?
4. What can we put in to block out the glass wall so i can pick my nose in peace?
5.What time does everyone arrive and leave? Need to arrive 10 minutes earlier and leave 10 minutes later than the convention. Well, for the first month at least.
6. Where the hell is that guy from I.T.?
7. Where is nearest Pret A Manger
8. Nothing. Don't care at all (this contribution from my partner)
9. Where are the lined pads? And a pen?
10. OK, so let me speak to the head of I.T.

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Northern Planner said...


isn't it funny that we're forced to be nice to IT people when we start. Impossible to keep up the pretense no?