Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dr Oetker You Are A Fraud, Sir!

This is a frozen pizza from the Dr Oetker 'Bistro' range.

The TV ad, which I've put a link to here, concerns a couple who wave away a beret-clad accordion player from their table, on the grounds that their frozen pizza is already French enough.

It includes lines such as "served on a typical French baguette", "so very French", and "Bistro is French enough for me".

Guess what? A super then comes up which says "Made in Germany."

I would have simply sent the brief back.


copyranter said...

here in America we now call all bistros "Freedom Eateries."

mediawasp said...

Bit like the Goodfella's pizza ads with 'made in Ireland' at the end. But still, Dr Oetker gets my respect purely for how it sounds when you say it out loud. Oetker. Oetker Oetker Oetker. The word just feels nice.