Monday, March 10, 2008

What Would Don Draper Do?

Never be stuck on a brief again.

Simply ask yourself - WWDDD?

Here's the answer:

1) Pour large scotch
2) Smoke cigarette
3) Nap on office sofa
4) Pour large scotch
5) Smoke cigarette
6) Throw research report in bin
7) More scotch and cigarettes
8) Have sex with beautiful bohemian mistress

and DING!

Idea appears.

I think Don Draper is my new hero.

Oh, and here's a choice quote from last night's episode: "Account executives - they're all really good at something. But it's not advertising."

Mad Men continues, Sundays 10pm, BBC4


Anonymous said...

but what do women really want? can you tell us scamp? :)

Anonymous said...

will this tv series lead us back to the gloryfull days of scotch and cigarettes early in the morning?

Scamp said...

Yes I can. "Any excuse to get closer." Well, that's what Don thinks, anyway. And it's not only the truth about women, but it will sell shitloads of Right Guard. That's why he's Don Draper, folks.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

I was watching the rise and fall of the ad man, and its very interesting to compare that with Mad Men.

Anonymous said...

"...the Copywriters tell the Art Directors what to do..."
heh heh

Anonymous said...

(Small Spoiler) Later in the series he gives great advice to a jr. copywriter (paraphrasing, of course): "Think about it as much as you can and then don't think about it at all. It will come to you."

Anonymous said...

When I survey the ladies in the typing pool, I don't think 'What Would Don Draper Do?'

I think 'Who Would Don Draper Do?'

Anonymous said...

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AD MAN was hands down the most depressing 60 minutes of TV I have ever seen. Why the hell isn't it 1983? Instead of reading this blog, I'd be dining at the Ivy right now, before shooting home in my Ferrari at 9pm, wrapping it around a lamp post and ordering another on client account the following morning.

Frank Lowe was right. The industry is as dull as dishwater these days, thanks to the bean counters being in charge.

Anonymous said...

The phrase 'Dull as Dishwater' has officially been changed to 'Dull as The Red Brick Road's Ads'.
much to Frankie's annoyance.

Anonymous said...

3.49 I agree.

I got into the industry a few years ago out of uni thinking it might not actually be that far removed from the 80's.

But as far as I can tell, advertising is the new accounting.

Anonymous said...

sorry to always be negative here but hasn't anyone else noticed that mad men is shit? it's like sex and the city for blokes?

Anonymous said...

Entourage is like Sex and the City for blokes

Mr Orange said...

Incredibly bloody boring.
Almost as dull as it's preceded.
In fact Scamp, I'm not sure it warrants another Mad Man Post.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know