Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weird Shit

As well as keeping abreast of other ads, movies, magazines etc I think it's important that creatives look at a healthy dose of weird shit. By that I mean stuff which you don't know what it's for, or maybe even what it is... but it's just generally good to have in there.

That's what I like about a new (to me) blog called Bad Banana.

The writer classes his content as: "Ideas, inspiration, ephemera."

Here's an example.

This is an installation for the Deutsche Guggenheim done by New York artist Cai Guo-Qiang in 2006. The piece, entitled Head On, involved 99 life-sized wolves entering a doorway and flying across the room before hitting a glass wall.

Weird but good, in my view.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, inspiration from art is great.
Just don't steal from it.
I mean you Juan.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

great stuff. but ads inbetween the art? i hope their not mistaken advertising for art, omg

Anonymous said...

he ripped that off from my "leaping wolf in stop motion" double page spread for nike air!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about advertising and I am not a designer. I am an artist. This is an important distinction. Have you ever thought about the word 'Design'. On one level it speaks to considered esthetic choice - but if you change the accent on the syllables it says something entirely different. Instead of design, pronounce it de-sign. To de-sign is to remove the sign. The sign is the most basic form of graphic communication. So to de-sign means to remove communication. If you remove communication from design what is left? Art. The highest order of modern marketing is invisibility which relies on non-communicative communication. So if design is about removing communication and removing communication equals art then art equals modern marketing. I am an artist.

Unknown said...

Hey, check this for more great art inspriation:

Still waiting for an ad agency dong a Matthew Barney. WCRS Jellyfish Cowboy 3G ad came close...