Thursday, November 15, 2007

And How Come There's Only One Monopolies & Mergers Commission?

My friends at Lunar BBDO have a funny find on their blog today -

What is the 'Word Of Mouth Marketing Forum' doing to get the word out about their event?

Hypocrisy-alert, Batman... they've made an advert.


J said...

I guess the industry is full of contradictions. But everybody does it, mate.

I remember certain post where you warned about the dangers of creative generalism - using very solid arguments by the way.

But then you've declared how much you like Cadbury's Gorilla, an ad a single guy wrote, art directed, directed and surely even participated in the strategy behind it.

I'm no genius but if you think the result of this process is good - Gorilla - it makes your previous statement a bit contradictory.

Of course I could be contradicting myself here but hey, I told you I'm no genious.

Scamp said...

Ah, I can explain. Creative generalism would be fine if all were as multi-talented as Juan Cabral. Sadly, that is not the case.

J said...